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Cups to Grams Conversions for the Most Used Ingredients in Raw Cake Making

Bonus: Useful Printables to get started with Making Your Own Cakes at Home Now

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Sample Class

Included in the Starter Package is a Free Sample Lesson from the Course. 

Whether you make raw cakes, bake cakes are a chef or a home cook – good ingredients are the key to any dish!

Here is what to consider when choosing your ingredients!

Platform Tour

Are you interested in taking my Class “My Raw Vegan Cakes”? 

You will probably want to know what the platform looks like, how you will get support and what you need to do!

The Platform Tour shows you around my Online Learning Platform and explains to you how to use it at the same time! 

Ingredients, Equipment + Discount Codes

As you move through the class, you will inevitably need to purchase ingredients, maybe also tools.


So that you can save money on your purchases, I went into partnership with different Online Suppliers.


The Best News: You don’t need to become a student to access these Discounts!


I know that sometimes preparation is needed before starting a class, so I am sharing my Discounts, as well as a list of Ingredients and Equipments with you already right now. 


Are you already a seasoned Recipe Creator? 

Then you will appreciate this list that I have created when making my own recipes.

It contains the gram amounts per cup for the most popular ingredients in raw vegan cakes making.

So helpful when you need to convert recipes that you already have, plan for shopping or make your own recipes! 

This list is part of the Free Starter Package. 

Bonus Materials

As Bonus Materials, I have added some cool Printables that will make your Life in the Kitchen as well as Recipe Making + Adapting much easier.

These Materials are also part of the Free Starter Package. 


Last, but certainly not least:

I offer you 10% off the Course Price if you choose to join my Online Class as part of the Starter Package.

Discount cannot be used on Sale Items or Combined with other Offers.