Don’t get me wrong. This happened in a total fluke. I didn’t plan on improving my diet or digestion. And certainly, I didn’t plan on losing weight. However, magically, you could see through a series of unforeseen events, it so happened that even though it was Christmas, I lost not only a bit of weight, but also, I ended up having the most balanced, and healthy feeling digestion of a long time. Spontaneous weight loss? Here is what I did!

I haven’t been on the weight loss flex for a long long time. I used to be obsessed with weight, weightless and methods and diets to accomplish it.

You name the latest weight loss diet, weight loss meal plan or the “newest discovered” weight loss foods and weight loss tips. I knew about them.

However, this had stopped completely for me – literally overnight, when through a sudden insight, all my concerns about myself including my body were outshone and replaced with complete self-love.

Now even reading all these terms above seem exhausting.

Since then my total approach to diet and nutrition shifted. Now rather than fixing myself, I wanted to use it to support myself – and others, to simply be well. And be able to enjoy life more, with more ease and greater ability to do the things we want to do in our lives.

So weight has been only on the very periphery of my radar since.

And still, of course, I was able to see it clearly.


Changes in weight / loss

Since 2010, when my approach to diet and nutrition – and my whole life really – changed, my weight has been changing and fluctuating a lot.

What I noticed was, that just by being in a specific place, within 3 days my weight goes from well rounded and comfy to energetic and athletic.

Traveling a lot as part of my work and lifestyle, it has been amazing to observe this mechanism over the last 8 years.

I was in Maine, in the USA – with the most weight I ever had – in a time that was quite challenging, only to arrive in Los Angeles and leaving the most skinny I had been in a long time. Without doing anything consciously, but living life in the way it was lived in that place.

In a similar way, also when my most recent uplift of digestive health and weight happened, I hadn’t planned it. I didn’t make it my goal. And it wasn’t something that I really really wanted. It happened – Naturally.

My Diet and Lifestyle over the last two weeks before and over Christmas

About 3 weeks before the Holidays I completed a Detox program. I juiced, I fasted, I had water. While this was amazingly beneficial – and a conscious attempt to improve my digestion – which felt a bit troubled at the time – fasting is definitely not for weight loss.

Whatever you loose during the fast, will be back within a few days after. Maybe more. Fasting and Detoxing are really for Health Reasons – or when you want to make significant changes in your diet.

Because I know fasting and detoxing very well – I also work as a Detox Coach. If you feel like you need some support with a fast after the Holidays – follow the Link up there!

In addition, RIGHT after the fast, I started recipe testing for my new Online RAW Vegan Cake Class. It was amazing. And I had lots of delicious raw vegan cake 😍 And it only got more, as I started filming the actual class right after.

In addition, I had packed down my house and belongings, ready to be on the road for the next 7 months.

I didn’t stop myself from eating lots of cake pieces myself, and I had boxes of Christmas cookies on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the Days before.

I didn’t worry about sharing a family size (!!!) pizza with my mum. Or that I had meat. Or that I ate what seemed like tons and tons of bread and baguette.

In addition, I also fell down the stairs – which immobilized me for just a few days!!

So you can see, it seems like there was no obvious reason why I would lose weight and feel better with my digestion – with such an eventful, sugar and carbohydrate-rich lifestyle.

Or was there a good reason after all?

Olive Oil in Weight Loss

A Student’s gift

About two years ago, I received a beautiful package of a kind former student of mine. We had never met in person. I only assisted her and taught her through her classes on the Matthew Kenney Online platform. But this sweet Sicilian woman felt the heart move to send me a package of two bottles of hand pressed Sicilian Olive Oil.

While I had savored the first one immediately, I hadn’t opened the second one until just last week when I completed filming the Raw Vegan Cakes class.

When we finished our last day of filming, all I wanted was baguette with olive oil and salt. And within 2 days I had 1.5 whole baguettes with plenty of it!!!

I also poured as much olive oil as I could over my rice – and really just had it with everything I ate.

I didn’t care about eating carbohydrates. And I didn’t care about combining them so much fat. And I didn’t care about the massive amounts of calories I must have consumed.

It was just an instinctive craving.

This olive oil that I received from my former student, of course, wasn’t just any ordinary olive oil. While it was hand-made and extra virgin, it also was very rich in oleocanthal – a phenylpropanoic acid.

You could tell – because the olive oil left a tingling or slight burn in my throat!!

It is this compound that actually makes olive oil so healthy and gives it its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

And it is this compound which makes the Mediterranean diet, which is naturally high in olive oil such popular and renown option amongst health enthusiasts.

In addition, I found that increasing the fat intake as I did – while having combined it with the rather healthy whole grain carbohydrates that I ate, really balanced my digestion and activated my metabolism – in a good way.

Not like bloating and wet stool or so. On the contrary. In this way, the bowels actually moved in a completely smooth, healthy and ideal way!
Does this mean that you can just eat all the fat in the world and combined it with all the carbohydrates in the world? Certainly not!

The emphasis is on quality. As well as on listening exactly to what your body wants and needs.

I never in my life ( I think) had such a craving for olive oil. And as I did, I was able to instantaneously benefit from its amazing benefits.

PS: On a little side note, I noticed that after my 600 ml of olive oil in a bit more than one week, my skin also was as clear and beautiful as I had never noticed before. Was it related?

Sharing Food and Weight Loss

Sharing your own Gifts

This second theory on weight, weight loss and weight gain, I have developed over the last 8 years. Simply through observing my own body. This is how it works for me.

You will need to see how whether it works for you in this way as well.

As shared above, I have noticed that my body weight shifts quickly and swiftly, depending on my location but more importantly. It also shifts according to how I share my gifts and passions in the world.

There are times when I am more introvert. When I am in retreat mode, or I am working very much on creating products, art. You could say when I am in the developing and germinating phase of something.

And then there are the times when it is time for me to go out. And directly share what I have worked on with the world.

When I start to be more extrovert, meet more people and end up giving more classes and simply share directly my experience and the solutions I have found in the developing phase.

I noticed, that there are times when I seem to contain and keep all the energy that I eat and take in – and just give it out very slowly. And then there is the time when suddenly I am giving out a lot. Shining completely.

My name being the name of a flower, this process has always reminded me of a flower. Gaining energy in its bulb over such a long period of time. And then suddenly growing and blooming in its full splendor!

Going to the places that nourish you

Interesting enough, I noticed as I mentioned before, that depending on the place that I go to my weight just naturally changes.

I have just arrived in Goa, India. And already within 2 days of arriving, I can see clearly my whole patterns change. With no effort at all.

What I want to eat, how hungry I am, how much I eat, when I crave it AND how my body processes it.

It seems like magic, but YES there seem to be places where it is easier to live a healthy lifestyle. Or BE healthy just naturally.

Without thinking about it.

So whatever that place is for you, it’s a great gift if you can see and recognise it. And allow yourself to completely naturally tap into the best version of yourself.

It doesn’t have to be the furtherest destination from your home or life. It can happen right there.

But see what you want in your life, be open to changes and see what are the steps that you are going to take.

Knowing yourself

Having gotten to know my own rhythms and cycles in this way, I know now that working on weight loss is mostly working on our ability to contribute, to enjoy life, to grow. And do more things as well as to support the people around me and continue to harmonize and live beautiful relationships.

The weight loss either comes with it naturally; as a side product, like the blossom is a side product of the flower reaching maturity and exposure to the light. Or it doesn’t concern us anymore. Because we are so fulfilled and enriched by the powerful energy that harmonization, growth and contributing to the world bring.

Either way, the foundation to accomplish all of this is just to get to know oneself better, to continuously grow and harmonise everything in our lives. And grow be at ease with everything that is coming up and happening in our lives. This opens our senses and teaches us exactly what we need to know and do. And also teaches us how to be fully open to enjoy and respond perfectly to whatever comes our way.

With love,