How Watching Series and TV, being on the Internet, and Social Media can change your life!

If we know how and are skilled in doing so, we can use all types of media, including social media and watching series for the transformation of our body and mind and the improvement of the world we live in.

When in the Netflix Series Sense8 Cala asks Capheus why even people who live in slums, who don’t even have beds,  have big flat screen TVs, he answers: “The bed keeps you in the slums, The flat screen takes you out of it.” There is a lot of truth in that sentence.

It is no accident that Media are some of the most addictive drugs on the planet.

Many of us spend more time on Facebook, Instagram, and other Social media than we interact with people around us.

While we could start many debates on how bad social media (and especially tv series) are, their detrimental effects on classic relationships, and while we could complain how they are ruining our society, how all of us are just spending time looking at screens instead of nourishing the relationships around us, and while we could discuss and speculate how much all of this behavior can say about the society, our state of mind and the world we live in, for this article, I want to focus on how we can use both new and classic types of media in a beneficial way.

Let’s start with what I see as beneficial in this context. Beneficial for me is any tool that has the capacity to support and enrich our lives. This kind of benefit can, for example, occur through education, inspiration or relationships.

When I started to be interested in Raw foods in 2012, I had no people around me that had any knowledge about this kind of diet. And the people that I told about my interest in raw foods, they were extremely sceptical, to say the least.

When I found the Matthew Kenney Online Course, that was offered back then, I was so ecstatic because of the opportunity to connect with brilliant and creative minds, a whole new way of living, a complete knowledge base, amazingly beautiful aesthetics and healthy and clean, yet delicious foods.

From the first moment I met one of the graduates as well as in an instant of seeing the website, I knew I was tapping into a new world, one that I didn’t experience before.

Talk about good branding.

But, it didn’t just stay with branding.

Taking that course, along with working at the company, has taken me from believing that I had no sense or skill in creativity whatsoever to non-stop creativity in all areas of life.

Please don’t mistake this as an advertisement for the company. The company which became PLANTLAB collapsed sadly very recently. So the courses do no longer exist. (Please note, the website seems to be still online, including the shop, but I don’t think there are classes happening!!).

And of course, there were many factors that came together to support me in developing a completely new identity, life and skills.

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However, this was one of the initial steps.

And while there are all kinds of things that can be said about the collapse of that company, how it happened, the people involved, and so forth, I like to bring my view back to this very fact:

That there always were extremely creative, passionate and talented people involved, and that through something as magical as the Internet and an Online course, I was able to enter a world, that before I wasn’t even able to dream about.

Such is the magic of the Internet.

And while I often tend to get bored by many social media and other accounts and websites, because I feel I am just going through Sales Catalogues,…

Reminding myself of the ways how I can use the Internet in a beneficial way, instantly unlocks a fresh perspective.

The power of branding

Just a brief note here on the power of branding. I started to become fascinated by branding, because I experienced this power of allowing someone to enter a different world, a new mindset and new skills through the communication of brands.

Branding and developing a brand is much more than just trying to write something up that convinces someone to buy.

For me, it is finding the essence of one’s own experience, one’s talents and finding ways to communicate that to others so that it not just resonates, but it can also become their own experience.

In a way that adds to their life, how they see the world and how they feel they can contribute to the world.

The foundation for using the internet beneficially

Many of us, however, also get entranced by that very same branding.

So if you find that you are one of the people, who spend more time pointlessly scrolling through Facebook and Instagram than enjoying the beautiful people and life around you, it’s time to gain some focus.

There is no need to stop using the internet, and doing any of the things that you are doing, but why are you doing those things?

It is easy to step into addictive behavior. When, like a zombie, we just consume one website, one series, one video, one account, one thing, one topic after another, but we lack purpose and the “why we do so” as well as the discernment of how to know which things will be effective.

What does the internet give YOU?

The internet has so many beneficial qualities and aspects, here are some that stand out to me:

  • It allows me to connect with my friends and family around the world
  • It allows me to meet new inspiring people
  • I find inspiration and new ideas on a limitless amount of topics
  • I can literally learn anything I want to learn in the world – from making soap to financial investment
  • I can buy supplies and products, compare prices, find sustainable options and find the cheap and best option
  • It allows me to share my own experience, creativity, and ideas with the world, with people who are actually interested and looking for it
  • It opens my mind to different perspectives, experiences, and mindsets than mine, and allows me to see what is actually going on in the world
  • It allows me to learn and grow in my skills and knowledge every day, and hence become a better person every day

All of these are fantastic reasons to use the internet. Wonderful benefits that are not just means to an end but that can also impact our wellbeing and the world where we are living, our homes beautifully.

Use the internet instead of letting it use you

All of these beautiful qualities really start to shine when there are an intention and purpose behind our decision to use them.

Rather than being a slave and consumer, who has no control over how we spend our time online and how we occupy our minds, we make conscious choices in what we consume and how we spend our time.

It is about knowing about the power that brands hold in the way they communicate to use, and utilise that for our own benefits.

All of this is very closely connected to goal setting. To the question: What do you want to do in your life and what do you see are the most beneficial activities, people and places, to spend your time with.

I was reflecting this week on how much I used to be a scheduling and goal setting and optimizing freak.

I used to obsess over my goals, to do lists, over my calendar entries, over having exactly allocated times in the day for every one of my activities.

Because I was so obsessed with these things, I stopped it for some time. And I wasn’t such a big advocate of goal setting for some time.

No matter what it is that we obsess about or let take control over us, there come similar characteristics with it: They fill every moment of our time, burn us out and we may over-focus on one thing while having no ability to take in anything else.

So the key is in finding a balance between open flowing creativity, an effortless flow and clearly focused intention and purpose, with structure.

Like any tool, whether it is time managing, scheduling or the internet, allow the tool to just be a tool: Something that you use for your purpose, something that helps you stay on track, something that increases not just your wellbeing but also your success rate in achieving in what you want to achieve.

How to put it into practice:

Do you want to be more fit and healthy? Have you not moved from the couch for the last 6 months while scrolling through Instagram, dreaming of your perfect body?

Have you been looking at successful profiles, influencers, and brands and have wished to be more like them while staring at their follower numbers, beautiful imagery, and seemingly perfect lives?

Are you dreaming of setting up your own successful business but have been overwhelmed by all the hashtags, other companies that are offering something similar to you and how to start presenting yourself?

So instead of consuming all that information, observe with a clear-headed mind, and analyze:

What is it that makes them successful? What is it that you gain from watching them?

If you have been looking at fitness accounts, starting at other peoples fitness routines and perfect bikini bodies, what is it that you want from that?

Bring the focus back to you. Are you envious? Wishing you had the same? Wishing you would live a life like them and travel through the world taking beautiful pictures?

What’s the essence of that? And how can you implement what you see in the pictures, the thing that you are craving for in your own life, and maybe your brand?

Bringing the focus back to yourself is such an empowering step. No longer are you the victim of self-comparison and self-diminishing.

Instead, you take action about the things that you want to see in your life and take small and profound steps in living a happier life.

This doesn’t mean that your life is going to look like the ones that you see in other people’s images.

It doesn’t mean that you won’t have a single gram of fat like that girl whom you saw in the pictures.

But you can implement that feeling that the image stood for in your own life.

Travels, beauty, health, wealth, harmonious relationships, adventure, power, strength, courage.

We can all know how to have these experiences, skills and a life that is lived filled with these qualities.

And we can use images, video, watching series and social media to access the skills, experience, and lifestyle of other people and in that way gain the insight and skills that we need in our own daily lives.

For example, when I was considering a lawsuit against my former employer because money wasn’t paid to me, I spontaneously was watching the series “Suits”.

It helped me to enter the mindset that is required to know what decision was best in my circumstance.

I didn’t even have to agree with the behavior of any of the characters. But entering that world, opened up my mind not only to the subject but also encouraged me to connect with actual lawyers in real life.

Something that I felt afraid and incapable of before.

Connecting with people

In the end, it all boils down to connecting with people. Know what you want to do. Know where you are missing information. Know what you are missing in your own life. And be honest about it.

Even though everything is fundamentally well always, we also have the power to constantly and continuously create a better life for ourselves, our friends and family and the global community as a whole.

So by continuously evaluating what is needed, to have a clear head that sees clearly what is needed and what doesn’t work, you can take action and connect with the people who were already able to solve the very same problem.

Do you want to live a certain lifestyle? The internet allows you to find the people who do, and they are usually so happy to share!

All you need to do is ask!

Already Steve Jobs knew: It is by being bold enough to ask for what you want, for where you need help, to the people that are inspiring to you, you end up where you want to end up.

Often we don’t even think about this. Often we are too shy. Often we don’t even know where to start.

A good start, if you don’t know anyone at all, is to enter the keywords for your topic and look for people who are doing well. Then look for the people who are connected to them.

What events could you find people who are interested in your topic? Meet them face to face! Hang out meet people, make an effort to meet the ones that have the qualities you are looking for.

Workshop Participants Iris Zajac

Do you not even know what your topic is? Look at what you are already spending your time doing and looking at and find the common factor.

Step by step and soon enough you will know what you are looking for, and not long after, you will have the skills and tools to accomplish the same!

With love,

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