Whether it is the Christmas Holidays, an upcoming vacation or just your Every Day increasing To Do List – It is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the things we want or have to do. Inspired by the upcoming Holidays, here are some very easy to implement tricks that make sure you won’t lose ground beneath your feet when things get busy and guarantee you some more relaxed Holidays this year!

1. Get Clear

When it comes to accomplishing or doing anything, it is often more the idea of all the different things that we “need” to accomplish” that seems overwhelming rather than actually doing them

For many, just the idea of Christmas, the Busyness in the streets, buying gifts, meeting people, cooking dinners and organizing events can seem too much.

However, when we start looking at everything one by one, things become much easier and manageable.

So, when you see that you are starting to get overwhelmed, take a clear look and write down all the things that you need to do.

Simply write them down as they enter your mind stream.

What do you need to do? For whom to buy gifts? Whom do you want to see? Whom are you going to see? And whom do you want to send a message to?

This first tip towards Relaxed Holidays is simple, but it really helps with developing a clear understanding of what you have to do, want to do and what you can do.

When we feel overwhelmed by something, a big part of that we don’t know enough.

This might relate to nature, the extent or the quality of our activities.

This is why To Do Lists work – We gain clarity.

Which is the first step in feeling more confident and able to deal with a situation?

Ever heard of people starting to be overwhelmed by their To-Do Lists? Well, it is probably because then they don’t take the next two steps:

2. Prioritize

It is obvious that we can’t actively do 1000 things all at once. And as you are adding maybe more and more To Dos to your list, you may find that while they were still on your mind, maybe you can’t do them yet because something else needs to happen first. One task is maybe more involved than another, one might have effects on other tasks, one might just need to be completed more urgently.

By prioritizing your tasks in this way, you come to see that realistically, there are only so many tasks that need to be completed right now.

Meaning that these are the only tasks that you need to think about at this very moment.

All the other items on your list can wait until they move up the priority ladder.

Ordering gifts First. Sending parcels and Postcards then. Cooking Christmas Dinner – Later.

Christmas Stars and Lights

3. Delegate and Work together

Sometimes there are tasks that require great involvement with similar urgency and priority. What to do in this case?

Need to get all Christmas gifts two days before Christmas? Plus bake all the cookies and think of a perfect Christmas Dinner while completing all the open tasks for your work? That is stress.

Planning ahead as well as seeing who can help with various to-dos, really helps with getting everything done so much easier.

Need to get some things from the shop? Maybe someone is already going there and can get the what you need for you! And of course, you can do the same for them.

This is also part of the next tip:

Packing Presents

4. Be efficient

Standing in a waiting queue at the shops doesn’t sound like your favorite weekend activity, especially when you have so much going on already?

Be clever about it:

  • Plan your shopping time during the day and during the week, when shops are less busy
  • Make appointments with the people you need to see and group them together, so there is less time lost in between
  • Group errands in a similar area to one mission, rather than going on many times
  • Have lists of all the things you need to get so you don’t have to run out twice
  • See which tasks you can get done from home: Call shops and Check Online if they have what you need instead of going there – and best
  • Order Online and have items delivered to your home – or even to the person directly!

Christmas Tree Decoration

5. Alone Time. Social Time

For some, the Holiday Season is packed with Events, Concerts, Dinners and so forth. For others, it is exactly the opposite. As the Holidays are approaching, you want to hide in your home more and more and see no one.

It doesn’t matter on which boat you are on, make sure to find a balance. Taking care of your own social needs and need to relax is always important. Especially when things may seem extra intense.

Listen up to what you actually need and plan in some time for exactly that.

If you have no one to spend Christmas Holidays with, for whatever reason at all, but want to spend time with people, here is what you can do:

  • Visit Concerts or Art Exhibitions – there is often a lot going on around the Holiday season
  • Chat with your colleagues or friends – maybe you can organize a Dinner or a Night out at the Christmas Markets?
  • Find a Social Cause that you can support or take part in
  • Offer your help at Community Events, Markets

If on the other hand you are already super busy in all areas of your life or you are just happy to have some time away from the masses, make sure to plan in some Me – Time:

  • Have a Bath or Shower. Candles. Essential Oils. And Relax.
  • Take time in Bed
  • Plan 1-2 hours where you can just do nothing
  • Enjoy a Day at a Spa
  • Take a walk in the city, park or nature
  • Walk Home from Work
  • Take a moment to sit on a bench and look into the sky

6. Still, want to work out though you are super busy?

You have so many things to do already, and then working out too? How can this be relaxed holidays?

One of the wellness trends for 2019 is shorter workouts. They have already been established in some of the big fitness chains and you can easily apply the same principle at home.

Do 30 minutes of workout with high intensity. But make sure they are low impact. You don’t want to get your cortisol levels (and with that your stress levels) up.

For this, what works best, is to do exercise that is fun! Dance. Run. Walk. Do Yoga. Jump around.

Whatever works for you. And what you personally enjoy.

I take exercise in a direction that is fun:

My favorite new way to work out and run is in my Day to Daylife. Need to be somewhere?

Option 1: Walk.

Need to be there quick? Or don’t want to lose time?

Option 2: Cycle. Or Run. This is my favorite way to get errands done. Who said that you can only walk in your day to day life?

I love running to the supermarket when my bags are still empty. And even back if I have a backpack or am only buying a small amount!

Reintegrating exercise back into your day to day life is, in my opinion, the easiest and most effective way to stay fit and healthy!

Christmas Presents

7. No more Family Tension

For many families, the Holidays come with tension. Whether it is just an unloading of the pre-holiday stress or whether it is the coming together of all kinds of different personalities, maybe people who we haven’t seen for some time or haven’t kept a harmonious relationship intact.

Family Tension and the prospect of it can cause a lot of unnecessary stress in the Holiday season and are a big NO for a Relaxed Holidays Season.

Here is how to keep things harmonious:

  • Acknowledge that everyone has their own burden to carry
  • Take responsibility for your own stress, perceptions, and emotions instead of thinking that someone else caused it by saying or doing something
  • Take everything with a grain of salt and with a light heart of compassion – Stay relaxed if things don’t work out. Things don’t have to be perfect. Or as you think they should be.
  • Skilfully change the topic and lead the conversation to something that is easier to digest for everyone present. You don’t need to sort out that conflict that you have never been able to talk about over Christmas dinner.
  • Stay away from political discussions and other discussions that you have already seen in the past will only cause one party to sit grumpily in the corner or make all food end up on the floor.
  • Don’t expect too much of others. And don’t expect people to be different than they are. Being open to where people are at and how they are feeling, adjusting and being ok with that, is the best way to enter a more harmonious way of relating.

Really there is no reason why the Holidays or any other time for that matter should be stressful. The stress is solely created by ourselves. And by ourselves continuing with the stress that we see in others.

Hence we are the ones to take the necessary steps that make life flow more effortlessly and with ease.

When we are able to step out of ongoing stress race, suddenly you will be able to actually enjoy the Christmas preparations and the time that you spend together with your loved ones! Do you feel that more Relaxed Holidays are on their way?


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