When it comes to any project that I like to work on – or that I have ever worked on, it is obvious to me that I am only interested if I see that the outcome is mutually beneficial. Beneficial doesn’t only mean finances. Instead, the results are greatly inspiring and empowering for everyone involved. They spring forth generosity as well as the resolution of struggles that we faced before.

An example of that is my most recent project – my Raw – Vegan Cakes Online Class.

The whole making of the class was the result of love, support, faith, trust, empowerment, inspiration, and generosity.

The only reason why I even came to make this class was that Natalie Spiteri – of Proshokolad asked me to.

She is offering this class in the Russian language on her website amongst other contributors like herself or Amy Levin.

I would have never been able financially at that point to make the investment it took to create a class.

But instead of seeing this as an obstacle, just with a small injection of generosity, I was empowered to go beyond my means, learn a lot of new skill sets and expand on the ones that I already have.

Making this class inspired me to apply the same principles of creativity and refinement that I had learned in painting, design, and cooking to so many more activities.

Raw Vegan Triple Chocolate Cake 3

To understand the way I work…

A friend of mine has once commented that something that she admired in me was that I always go for it. I don’t really care what other people think of what I do or create, but I will always go for it AND put it out there.

This is only half true. I do care about creating the best result and only sharing the best result that I can at every given moment. Maybe even too much.

So if you would watch me doing a painting, for example, you would notice that before I end up at the final result I have about 21 completely different and distinct paintings in between. Paintings that I all like. And the only reason why ended at the 22nd painting is that I made a decision to do so.

So you see, I know myself well enough to know that I will always make improvements and changes. That with every step of the way I will see new things will want to change things and want to make things differently.

And I am not afraid to make mistakes. Or make changes. I am happy to always refine and fine tune. Whether it is because I see something new, learned something, or received feedback, That is not a problem for me at all.

It is powerful to see that this is exactly how my mind works. And that I can apply the very same principles that have led me to success in some areas of my creativity, can be expanded to many more areas – that before I hadn’t even worked in or thought about.

Metallic Raspberry Slice

Unexpected Benefits

But creating this course was not only empowerment of new skills and activities for myself.

It also was further infused with generosity and inspiration when my friend offered her beautiful kitchen to me to shoot in.

When my mum spontaneously and generously offered me go into all kinds of supermarkets and compare prices. And then go back again to buy the best options.

And when she stood there for hours and hours holding the Live View Camera – not complaining even once!

When Radford Mills in Bristol took two of my cakes, and I was able to donate 3 to the Balanced View Christmas Dinner. And when the Superfood Deli in Vienna bought 7 for their shop.

Each connection bringing about a specific benefit, learning on all sides and insights into things that were not before known.

How it comes about

You see, I have former business relationships or friendships with each of the people involved in this project. You could say a loving relationship.

Which is what makes it so special. It wasn’t about making the most money possible on the planet.

Rinsing every person to the max to make the most money.

No, I gave away cakes. Or offering them at cost. And in the same way, everyone contributed freely, openly and without question.

These are the kind of projects that I want to be involved in.

When everyone is looking out for each other benefit. When everyone gives generously as much as they can. And when the needs of each person are discussed so that it always works out for everyone equally.

These are the projects that are the most inspiring. That feel like even if it may seem that it is just a raw vegan dessert class. Another online course. They carry something that is way beyond that.

And that has the power to change the whole way we operate and do business on the planet.

Asking for Money

Asking for money can be quite a difficult thing for me – exactly because I know this amazing quality of generosity that goes way beyond anything money could offer.

And also, because I feel ideally we would live in a gift economy – but that is another story.

So to actually price the services that I am offering at price levels that I feel they are worth it while including that element of generosity in different ways (may it be giveaways, discounts or reduced prices) has been and continues to be a complete source of empowerment for me in and of itself.

To experience discounts, marketing tools, giveaways – all those things that we witness heavily used in business in general as well as online – not just as another marketing or sales trick, but as a genuine way to express generosity and to be able to share with more people is really mind opening.

I wish that everyone who wants to know about raw vegan cakes, creativity, business and health, will get to see this class.

And that they will benefit from not just the recipes – but the whole vibe of what it means when you build something solely on that basis.

Black Tahini Cake


People often offer me projects or are invite me to work with them. However, most of the time, even if something looks good in the beginning- Seeing what is best for everyone involved is often disturbed by selfish thought.

I can relate to this of course. Because I also want to make sure I have a good or ok life. That I can do the things that I need to.

However, the priority has to always be the benefit for all. And making sure that whatever I ask for works for everyone. That I can make up for it for an even form of contribution or service – whatever that might be.

I will always give my very best. Work hard to make sure that everyone gets the best result. And follow my natural process of creativity to refine and improve my offering on an ongoing basis.

So often, you will actually see me turn down projects if I see that the vibe is not what I want to support or when I see that selfish objectives come in the way of open-hearted relating.

In addition, I also watch myself closely. So that I can always course correct if needed!

I am very grateful for all my business partners and clients – where every relationship is based on pure love and support.

In this way working as my own boss has been the best choice I could ever make. And I am grateful to have the opportunity to develop more such relationships as my client base grows.

With love and gratitude,