Online Video Class: Make your Own Vegan Cakes


This course is for everyone who wants to learn how to make their own raw vegan cake recipes. Whether you are a total beginner or have prepared plant-based cakes for a long time – you will learn something new in this class.

In 10 delicious recipes, I demonstrate how you can create a variety of cakes and how you can create a variety of textures and flavors using specific techniques and ingredients.

In addition, you will learn how to create your own platings and develop your own decorating style.

But also, what to do when things go wrong and how you can establish a mindset of solution-focus, creativity and innovation.

At the end of this class you will not only be able to recreate the recipes that I teach you but also have the confidence, creative skills and insight in how to create your own cake recipes with the textures, flavors and decorative items that you will love and are an expression of your own unique vision.

Expect Bonus Material to be released on the go.

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Over a course of 51 days, you will receive one video lesson every 3 days.

You will maintain access to the videos for a course of 12 months.

During this time I will be available for you in regards to ANY questions you have during the course – through email and Live Chat.

Whether you have questions on the specific recipes that you learn in this course, or whether it is about creating your own cake recipes – I am here for you.

You will learn:
  • 10 delicious recipes + Bonus recipes
  • Setting Cakes
  • Cake Crusts + Layer Cakes
  • Flavor Combinations
  • Flavor Balancing
  • Natural Food Coloring
  • Cake Decorating
  • Plating Guidelines
  • Make your own Cake recipes

I have put in 100s of hours into creating and testing these recipes. Changing Textures and Consistency, Adjusting Flavors and Sweetness so that you can learn recipes that are not just incredible in taste but have the perfect consistency.

I wanted to offer both: Some of the Classic Raw Food Favorites as well as Showing how you can make changes that elevate your cakes from the ordinary raw cake offerings.

In this online class, you will learn how to make 10 delicious gluten-free and fully plant-based raw vegan Cakes 💖!

These recipes will serve as the foundation for you to learn how to make your own delicious cake recipes yourself.

We will go through different techniques for setting raw cakes, making your own cake crusts and cake layers.

We will also look at flavor combinations, flavor balancing, and have a quick look at Food Coloring, Cake Decorating and Plating.

Why Take this class:

While many raw vegan cakes are very dense and rich, I have worked hard to create recipes that cover a variety of textures. From dense and chunky to creamy and light.

We will cover different options for setting your cakes. Some might incorporate techniques that are not 100% raw from a technical standpoint, but you will always get both options – to make it 100% raw – or 95% raw!

Even as a confessed sweets lover, I have found many raw vegan sweets to be too sweet. Many recipes use Freezing as their primary means of setting, which I am not only not too much of a fan of when it comes to texture (and needing to wait for a small window for unfreezing), but it also requires to add more sweetener – because your taste buds will be numb due to the cold!

In my cake recipes, I am using just the right amount of sweetener to create a perfectly balanced sweetness. In this way, the featured flavours are not overpowered. Instead, they can really stand out.

Most raw vegan cakes rely solely and heavily on cashews to create a dairy like texture. In this course, I will teach you also how to use cashews, but more so how to use different types of nuts, seeds and fats to create delicious cake recipes.

Raw Cakes are In!

Raw food cakes are a great hit for anyone who is exploring healthier ways of eating. They are a great introduction and alternative if you want to step away from processed foods towards more whole food varieties.

They are very tasty and can also be incredibly beautiful and colorful! And they are so beautiful to plate.

All of the above make them super attractive for ANYONE. And mind-opening to anyone who is sceptic about health foods.

I love creating recipes and it has been SO much fun – and a good challenge to come up with the perfect recipes.

But, I am also a fan of creativity and encouraging others to express exactly their own unique view and flavors.

This is why in this course, you will learn not just how to make the recipes that I teach you. But you will learn how to make your own desserts and cake designs based on the recipes that you have learned in this class.

This course is now available for you online and you can book it HERE NOW!

This is the Material that you will need:

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Ingredient List

Do you have more questions? Please review the Class – FAQs here. If your question is not answered here, please APPLY HERE for a Free Discovery Call!