Palo Santo Wood Sticks


Sustainably sourced Palo Santo wood from Ecuador. 5 Palo Santo sticks, 5 g each, 10cm in length.

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From Milo’s Temple:

“Sustainably sourced Palo Santo wood from Ecuador. Burning these majestic Palo Santo sticks releases an amazing aroma, powerful vibe, perfect before or after meditation, after a day in the office, enhancing yoga practice, ceremonies or just during everyday life. Adds a very special smell and cleansing feel. Great for energetically cleansing spaces.

From the first time I smelt Palo Santo, something deep inside of me knew it was something really special, it just smelt so amazing and felt so familiar in its vibe. Originating from wild trees grown in S.america it was long used in traditional medicine and by shamans for its energetic cleansing and healing properties. It’s from the same family as frankincense and myrrh and it’s unique aroma can be described as a mixture of citrus, pine and mint. I innately feel when its burnt or smelt it serves to remind us that we are always empowered, protected and held by the universe in all situations. And as I have enjoyed it’s benefits for many years it was natural to source and start distributing this special wood.

You can read about its benefits here with Dr.Axe.

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