Palo Santo Essential Oil


Palo Santo, Ceremonial grade 100% Essential Oil, sustainably sourced from Ecuador.

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Milo’s Temple: Palo Santo, Ceremonial grade 100% Essential Oil, sustainably sourced from Ecuador.


From Milo’s Temple:

“Oil Quality: 999 through improving the steam distillation process and using very particular Palo Santo wood and the result is INCREDIBLE!!!

Why to buy this particular Palo santo essential oil ? One of the reasons is that the Palo Santo wood used to make this essential oil is ONLY from the top branches of the Palo Santo tree ensuring it received the most sunlight and therefore contains the highest grade resin. I have used Palo Santo essential oil for many years but wanted something of a much higher quality and that remained true to the potency of the wood and THIS IS IT 🙏

From the first time I smelt Palo Santo it just smelt so amazing and felt so familiar in its vibe. Originating from wild trees grown in S.america it was long used in traditional medicine and by shamans for its energetic cleansing and healing properties. It’s from the same family as Frankincense and Myrrh and it’s unique aroma can be described as a mixture of citrus, pine and mint.

I innately feel when it’s put on the skin or smelt its aroma serves to remind us that we are always empowered in all moments, protected and held by the universe in all situations. And as I have enjoyed it’s benefits for many many years i went on the quest to source the highest quality oil and start distributing this special oil.

Can be put directly on the skin as an aromatherapy perfume or mixed with carrier oils for massage, or used in an oil burner for its magical aroma.

This truly is liquid magic..😸😸👑😸
for more information on its health benefits go to Dr. Axe on Palo Santo

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