Facetted Rainbow Moonstone and Sodalite Mala with Silver Skulls


This Mala is strung with a high quality of facetted Rainbow Moonstone and blue Sodalite. The beads are arranged in a symmetrical manner, creating a harmonious flow around the neck.

There are 108 Beads plus an additional Guru bead, just as it is the case in traditional Malas.

Part of the 108 beads are two hand-cast and hand-polished silver skulls.

Shipping comes Tracked and Insured.

To read more about the meaning and characteristics of Prayer Beads, the Crystals and Symbology of the Skull, please read below.

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I am inspired by Buddhist Prayer Beads Malas! Hence we hand-knit this Beaded Mala with Facetted Rainbow Moonstone and Facetted Sodalite.

You may know this type of jewellery as Mala, Mala Beads, Mala Necklace or a Beaded Necklace or Prayer Beads.

We hand-cast the Silver skulls, shaped and polished them.

108 is the Base Number for the Traditional Mala. Finally, we add the Guru Bead, in the traditional way. It is a reminder of the Guru or Teacher.

When reciting one’s mantra, one starts after the Guru Bead, counting one mantra per bead until one ends at the Guru Bead. Then one turns the Mala around to go back the other way, instead of crossing the Guru Bead.

They say: Just as one would not cross the Guru, one never crosses the Guru Bead.

About the Crystals in this Mala

Facetted Rainbow Moonstone is a naturally white crystal with a Rainbow Fluorescent Shimmer in the Sun Light. Sodalite is a dark blue gemstone. This Mala combines both gems in a symmetrical way.

The common benefits of Sodalite relate to clarity, calmness and self-esteem. As well as metabolism.

And you may know Moonstone for its balancing and especially emotion balancing properties. Moonstone necklaces also promote intuition. Hence they have often been associated with necklaces for women.

You can see Skulls as symbols for impermanence as well as the primordial emptiness of appearances. Hence Buddhist Symbology often uses the Human Skull faces in their artwork.

Every Item that we make at Wish-fulfilling Gems is a unique Item and utilizes Gemstones Beads. We hand-pick them and our Crystal Expert reviews our selection to ensure their quality and authenticity.

When we completed the collection, we brought each item to several Buddhist Monasteries in the Indian Himalayan Mountains.

There they took part in Ceremonies, Celebrations, and Meditations and we can feel the blessings that were given to them there!

Examples are Lamayuru, Taktok, Thiksey and Stakna Monasteries as well as Shey.

Beautiful in Design and full of Blessings, this jewellery is also a Fashion Statement.

But even more so it is a daily reminder of always-on joy and relaxation and an excellent support for meditation.

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