Let’s get a move on: Exercise and Fitness


In this Health Coaching Package, you will learn how to improve your Health by establishing an exercise routine that fits into your life and that will bring your fitness to the next level.

Over the course of 6 or 12 Live Online Health Coaching sessions, you will learn which type of exercise fits you, receive exercise plans and contacts that fit into your life and in your area and learn ways to avoid injury in your exercise.

I will encourage you to try new things and teach you how to be creative in finding ways to incorporate exercise that is fun and effective to reach your fitness goals!

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This Online Health Coaching Package is for you if you:

  • have been trying many different Exercise styles throughout your life,
  • have been going to many classes from Aerobic to Zumba 
  • but exercise always feels like a struggle
  • at some point you lose interest, go to the next thing or
  • you find yourself stopping all together because
  • something else in your life takes over


  • you have never even thought about exercise and fitness
  • but somehow you notice – or your doctor told you: 
  • You need to start thinking about your fitness! 
  • but now, you don’t even know where to start or what you like


  • you have been exercising on and off throughout your life
  • but if you are honest, the last time you did anything was maybe 8 months ago? More or Less?
  • now you feel guilty, and don’t quite know where to start
  • all the things that you had already tried and used to be in to, don’t feel so exciting anymore
  • and you don’t know if you should start something new or go back to what you have been doing, or not do anything at all! 

The topic of exercise and fitness anyways often feels like

  • some dark fog: Difficult to see through and find your way in
  • just another thing to do and an annoyance 
  • something you don’t even want to look at because you don’t even want to know what you look and feel like yourself 

YET you know – either from experience or because you have seen it in others: 

  • That physical fitness can not just support your overall health
  • and bring more energy to for your daily life
  • help you sleep better
  • and bring about tremendous mental wellbeing, clarity and creativity 

Hence you want to:

  • Finally, Decide on which types of practices are right for you
  • Which styles in the different practices work for you
  • Which type of exercise is not only effective and fun, but also 
  • realistically work in your current lifestyle 
  • Find the best teachers for your chosen practice
  • As well as: Find classes and friends to work out with together
  • Find good online solutions and ways that you can practice by yourself
  • Learn how Nutrition plays in sports and fitness performance

So, over the course of this Health Coaching package, we will do exactly all of the above and I will help you:

  • define goals that you want to reach for your physical fitness
  • figure out which exercise is right for you and that you like
  • set up exercise routines that you can realistically follow and integrate into your life
  • Make sure that the type of exercise you choose is in line with what is needed for your overall health – so that you can avoid injuries
  • find solutions for exercise on a busy schedule
  • and figure out the cause if you hit a wall or stop enjoying your exercise
  • establish a mental attitude that supports you to reach your goals
  • and make sure that you have enough recovery time

I will also:

  • Hold you accountable and gently remind you of your goals
  • push you when I see you are ready for the next level! 
  • and help you have fun all along the way! 

What you will get:

  • 6 or 12 Live Coaching Sessions á 1 hour each
  • Email, Live Chat and Emergency Support in between sessions
  • Portfolio of Supporting Documents, Links, Videos, Inspiration, Nutritional Facts, Exercises and News after each session
Some examples of Exercise Plans that I am familiar with:
  • Yoga
  • HIIT
  • Running
  • Climbing
  • Swimming
  • Dancing
  • Walking