Wishfulfilling Gems Malas

A Basket full of Rare Gems – Malas and Silver Necklaces

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Traditionally Buddhist prayer beads or malas are a wonderful tool in meditation as well as to calm the mind.

There is great significance in all the elements of the traditional Mala – from the number of 108 beads to the Guru Beads as well as the tassel that is often part of them.

The Malas and Necklaces that I created as Wish Fulfilling Gems are inspired by the traditional Malas with a Modern Twist.

However, apart from the design, it is the process that we undertook to create these precious jewels that makes these beaded necklaces so special.

Typical for any creative process, we met many obstacles and challenges. But we were never phased by any of them. Instead, we worked tirelessly to complete this project and found new ways of doing things.

It is this devotion and care that went into choosing the beads and other elements, the creating of the skulls and the openness to see new possibilities that truly makes these gems wish-fulfilling gems.

The reason why I use Skulls as elements in many of these Malas and Necklaces is that they are a traditional symbol of the profoundly empty nature of reality. I personally find it is such a powerful symbol and a wonderful reminder, hence perfect on jewellery.

Once the Malas and Necklaces were completed, I travelled to Ladakh in the Indian Himalayas. There I took them to numerous Sacred Sights and Buddhist Monasteries where they were present for quite a few auspicious ceremonies and events. We met wonderful beings.

Hence we feel these Malas are truly blessed and unique and I can already see how they carry the essence of the places that they have travelled to wherever they go.

It is a great honour to share such precious items and that they will bring joy to anyone who has the opportunity to get hold of one.

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