Wish fulfilling Gems Soaps


I lovingly handmade this plant-based and natural liquid soap.

I personally made it from Extra Virgin Olive and Coconut Oil and Avocado Oil. And it receives its smoothness from Castor oils.

This soap is perfect if you want to cleanse both your energetic and physical body. Use it to prepare yourself for a special event or a ceremony. Or after a stressful day or when you have been amongst a lot of people.

The magical scent of this soap comes from Milo’s Temple’s finest Palo Santo Essential Oil.

It is such an easy and beautiful way to introduce the benefits of Palo santo wood to your shower and cleansing rituals.

Palo Santo is known for its antibacterial properties. As well as energetically cleansing properties.

This makes it a perfect addition to our liquid soap.

Finally, Hemp Oil and Vitamin E oil leave your body not only clean but also moisturized and soothed.

You can buy this product in 3 variations:

– Pure: Palo Santo Only

– Geranium: Flowery notes of Geranium are added to the Palo Santo Oil

– Tea Tree: The fresh and minty notes of Tea Tree Oil complement Palo Santo perfectly.

When ordering let us know which variation you would like (if none is specified we will just send the Pure, Palo Santo only) version

This soap is vegan and cruelty-free.

How I made this liquid gold

I have saponified and diluted the fats over a period of 48hours via a slow heating process. This turns the oils into soap.

Over this period of time, I have to attend to the soap pot every 30 minutes and watch over the process to make sure the consistency is perfect.

Once saponification is complete, I allow the soap to settle over a couple of weeks, and then strain and scent.

This ensures that only the pure and transparent liquid castile soap remains – Liquid gold.

Use as a Shower gel or Hand Soap.