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Why would you want to have smoothies?

Smoothies are a wonderful way to ingest a whole lot of nutrition in a quick amount of time.

For many, it is an easier way to drink their greens in a form of a smoothie than to eat a whole lot of salad.

Because they are pureed, smoothies also reduce the amount of work our digestion needs to perform, in order to digest the food and absorb all the nutrients.

This is another reason why they are a staple in the kitchens of many health enthusiasts.

But smoothies can also be fully indulged and enjoyed. Often actually, we see smoothies that are rich in fruit sugars and sometimes also added sugars.

Both have their place!

Depending on what kind of diet you are coming from, you will want to make different choices in your smoothies.

If you have been on a diet with a lot of processed foods and sugars, swapping to even a sweet smoothie will do you so much good, by introducing all the nutrients that come with it.

Nutrients that are missing in processed foods.

In addition, what I love about smoothies is because we are still eating the whole food, we can benefit from all the components of the food as they were meant to play together.

So even if we can find isolated components that might not be an as beneficial stand alone, their effect changes as the components play together.

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