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I follow an Integrative approach to health 

Through Online Health Coaching Sessions, I support mostly women to achieve their Health Goals.

We focus on food, nutrition and exercise, however we don’t forget about the impact that relationships, career, social life, sleep and other lifestyle choices have on your health!


Online Health Coaching Packages

I have designed a variety of health coaching packages that each accomplish specific goals.

  • Whether you are looking for support in finding out what a healthy diet is for you,
  • or whether you are trying to find the perfect exercise regimen for you;
  • If you have been feeling tired for some time; or are experiencing troubles with your digestion;
  • If you have been diagnosed with a condition by your doctor and are looking for help in implementing his or her suggestions;
  • or if you have trouble to sleep;

Health Coaching with Iris Zajac

Here to help.

Custom Coaching

No matter which focus area you choose, each Coaching program is customized towards your personal circumstances and preferences. I respect the Lifestyle that you live and support you to up your health to the next level  – A Level that you choose.

Look at the Frequently Asked Questions in regards to Coaching.

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You have a specific Health Goal in mind that you want to work towards.

You are looking for support when it comes to approach that goal, input and ideas as well as someone who holds you accountable for reaching your goals.

It is my role as your coach, to support you in your lifestyle and to share with you facts, studies, experiences, routines, methods and ideas that have proven to support many people in living a better, more healthy and happier life.

Together we look at the lifestyle changes that you can implement realistically in your life.

When you try it alone, it can be difficult to stay on top of your health and wellness goals. Life happens. We have lots going on. There is work. And there are relationships with friends and family. There are travels. And education. Going out. Of course, there are lots of opportunities to do many things.

With your health coach on our side, all of these areas of life can be more easeful and clear and fun!

I know it very closely, so I am here to stand by your side. Whatever it is, I am in with you, long-term.


My program comes on a Month – to – Month Basis, with a recommended 3-month commitment to start with.

I only have a limited number of spots available.  I am interested in working with people who are open to committing to living their life as happy and healthy as possible –  on an ongoing basis. And who are up for following through with this commitment.

If you want to know more, I am happy to offer a 30 minutes free session to see where you are at and how we could work together – Just book using one of the many options on this page!

In these 30 minutes, we will have a look at your Health History, your Goals and how I can support you.

Do you have more questions? Have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions here.


Coaching Sessions

We are meeting once every 2 weeks for 1 hour.

Coaching Sessions usually happen online, via the internet – or via phone.

If we are located in the same place, then I am also happy to offer face to face Coaching sessions.



Following each session, I will send you additional informational material, inspiration and instructions connected to what we spoke about.


I am available for you in between coaching sessions via email, messenger, and live chat so that you are not alone in important decisions and when new opportunities or challenges come up. And I am always so happy to hear when things work out! 🙂

Let’s talk to find out which Coaching Package is right for you!

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