Chlorella Ginger Spritz




20 minutes 




This is a beautiful Mocktail that I just came up with, inspired by Halloween. I wanted something green, festive and tasty. This Mocktail certainly doesn’t feel like a Knock Off Version of a Cocktail. 



If your apple isn’t as sweet as you wanted it to be, you can add a spritz of Agave Nectar as well.

When it comes to the amount of Chlorella Juice to use with the Sparkly water, personally I would go for more – to have more of the Ginger – Kick! Use less if you prefer a more gentle drink. Or drink as a shot for a wake up call!



















1 Apple

3 cm Ginger

1/2 Lemon


3 Chlorella Tablets


500ml Sparkly Water


Process ingredients for Juice in Juicer and strain through a fine mesh strainer.

Add into a Blender together with the Chlorella Tablets and blend until thoroughly combined.

Pour desired amount into a glass and top with sparkly water.