Lost your passion? Bounce Back!

Are you not sure anymore about your passion?

Lost your passion? Bounce Back!

It is often the most professional and well trained amongst us, that seem to lose their passion when it comes to taking care of themselves in exactly that area of their passion while being focused on how to help others. What is this about: The house of a construction manager ends up being a complete construction site with everything undone. The tab leaking. The windows not closing. A chef doesn’t cook for himself. Instead, he goes to a fast food shack every night after his shift. A clothing designer only rolling around in her jogging pants and underwear. And a health coach not giving a ***** about her health and wellbeing. Time to get back into it! Reinstate that passion and fuel yourself with new energy and insights. 

Being a Business Owner, Entrepreneur, freelancing and Self-employed doing anything of our choice or simply being a passionate Creative is a liberating, exciting and challenging decision.

Finally, we have the opportunity to do exactly what we want to do, to share our strengths and passions with the world and allow them to see how we see the world.

However, when you start offering your passions with others, very often it can happen that the very same thing, that brought ourselves so much joy, has no more space in our personal lives. 

Running A Business

With running a business, so many more factors and activities become part of our daily activities which are different to the original focus of your passion.

When we have run our business for some time, we may find that we only spend 10% of your time doing the actual thing that we so loved. 

Maybe you wanted to share something with people. Your music, your Art, Your Ear, Your Food.

But in order to make it happen, you need to set up a complete business. There is SEO, Websites, Social Media, Event Listings, PR, Ad Campaigns, Blogging, Analytics, Accounting, Budgeting.

The list of administrative tasks in a business is endless. 

And before you know it, you find yourself sitting in front of the computer all day long, rather than doing the things that you actually want to share by doing so! 

And of course, all of this doesn’t even consider all the day to day challenges that are natural to come up, and hard to control.

It is easy in this way, to lose one’s enthusiasm and passion for what one does and start to think that actually, I want to do something else…

Being a musician you may no longer get to play as much music as you wanted to do play. 

As a chef, you may just eat out. 

As an event host, you may no longer want to see any people.

Business Contains many different tasks

Being Stuck with your passion

I remember when I was very young, still working in a large corporate, I was trying to figure out what to do with my life.

I felt unhappy. Definitely not using all my talents and wasting my time. 

Someone in my surroundings who was much older than me said to me: “Better keep your hobbies, what you love, as a hobby. If you start turning your hobby into your business, you will soon no longer like it.“

I was surprised by that kind of statement. And I wondered where it came from!

Obviously, I did not follow this advice. 

But I am now able to relate to the experience that was shared with me then.

No matter whether it is doing the same thing too many times, or doing so many other things, that our passion doesn’t have any space anymore. It is easy to feel stuck with what we do. 

I was trained a Raw food Chef, a Yoga teacher and Health Coach, but after doing as many pieces of training as I could on the topic, surrounding myself completely with people in that environment, I no longer wanted to have anything to do with it. 

Also because of my travels, I didn’t cook for more than 6 months. And wasn’t interested to get started. 

I hadn’t done Yoga in 2 years. And I was absolutely not interested in hearing one more platitude about positivity, about how this and that technique will cure this and that ailment. 

The constant smiley faces that we have learned to associate with health. 

Absolutely bored. 

When anyone would speak about how this or that practice, this or that herb would make you feel so much better, I felt like either running away or just smash something around them… I apologise sincerely 🙂 

Was all that training a complete waste? 

Did I waste the last 6 years of my life, doing all those things, just to start over again? 

Passion is not something that is always there. It lays the foundation of your work, but it is something that develops and grows. Passion is something that is alive. So it changes.

The Benefits of Letting yourself go…

Being surrounded by people who are totally on your wavelength can be extremely supportive. If you want to learn, be inspired, become an expert – what is better than being surrounded by people who are passionate about the same things as you are?

As you may know, it is completely crucial for longterm success – and I feel passionate about taking support in all areas of life.

Of course, doing everything we can in order to expand the audience and potential to hear what you have to share and to find the best means to of sharing your gift, is very fulfilling, as well as exciting.

But it can also be draining and frustrating.

I often find that after very intense times of full-on creativity, sharing and putting myself out there, and maybe too many challenges, I need a break. I may start hating what I do, the people around, and so forth. 

So I find it very important to have times, where we completely turn off. 

When we allow ourselves completely to hate what we do.

And don’t need to force ourselves to continue doing it.

Taking a break is not only for recharging our batteries.

It also helps us gain perspective. 

It helps us to remember why we started what we are doing in the first place, and it helps us also to reconsider what it is exactly that is our passion.

From my own experience in the Health world, and me completely being fed up with it, I saw very specific benefits of taking a break.

Passion Loves Space

Taking a Break from Health

As mentioned earlier, I was very fed up with all of the Health Community. 

But it wasn’t just that. It wasn’t just that healthy people annoyed me.

Being only with healthy people, completely removed the reason for why I was doing what I was doing.

In my world, there were no people in need of Health advice. Food advice. Life advice. Business advice. 

Everyone already more than educated and capable to take care of these aspects in their lives themselves. 

And also myself, I couldn’t tell anymore, is this practice really making a difference?

Is there a difference if I drink this juice or eat this bowl or rice? 

Does it do me any better if I exercise?

Or can I really just lay in bed all day, and it is fine? 

Before I carry on, I want to say:

It really is all fine.

No matter how much energy you feel you have, whether you are ill and not able to lift yourself up even for a moment or whether you are running 25km every day, inherently all is well! 

I think this is something really important for us to experience ourselves.

And there is only one way to gain assurance in this experience. By allowing ourselves completely to be as we are and not force ourselves to constantly perform. 

Knowing this, is so helpful, especially as we grow older.

That no matter what our health, physical and mental as well as environmental circumstances are: 

Everything is completely well.

You will find yourself just as much there and inherently ok, whether you are very rich or very poor.

The same light shines out of your eyes, whether you are thin or obese. 

This is such a relief. 

To know that we can find well-being in ourselves, no matter what our circumstances look like, is our greatest competitive advantage! 

And from here, we can start to understand the benefits that doing something for a specific reason can have for our lives. 

Greater Insight and Compassion

If we are trained to be an expert in a certain area, a professional, it can be easy to lose sight of the troubles that the people who have not yet found the same solution as you have, are experiencing.

You don’t know anymore how it feels like, not to know where to get started.

Where to look for information. Who to contact. Which places to go to.

While all of these things are completely easy and obvious when you are within a routine when you have never been in such a routine you have no idea on how to move forward. 

The same can happen when you have been very disciplined for a long time but then stop. Suddenly it seems like you lost all the knowledge that you had.

It is great to be reminded of this, and allowing oneself, also as an expert, to really and authentically being a beginner – again and again.

To allow oneself to be clueless. 

And then to overcome that hurdle of starting again.

To know what that feels like makes it so obvious, not just what great value we can bring to the world, but it also gives wonderful skills and ability to relate to the people who we want to support. 

You could say it is humbling as well as fueling our passions and wish to contribute at the same time. 

Bouncing Back into the Zone

It is amazing to see how quickly we get back into it and bounce back. Once we get started or re-experience the power and passion of doing what we love, we have so much energy, a clearer understanding, motivation and an action plan that drives us forward. 

I am not exactly sure why these things are as they are.

But I know that this has worked for me again and again.

So if you are experiencing a down, that you feel stuck or don’t want to do anymore what you have been doing – 

There is no need to dwell on this. And feel guilty about it. 

You can allow this completely, and take the time and support that you need in this time, to see how you can realign yourself.

To see what you can do in that time that benefits you.

Don’t think that this time is something that is an obstacle or standing against what you can do in your life.

Rather, it can be a great support. A great source of wisdom and a possibility to broaden and refreshen your perspective.

A time to readjust and realign to what is needed. 

I find that usually, I learn so many other new skills in those times when I recover from a high-intensity time.

I usually rest a lot. I spend time in nature. With friends. Get to hear what they do, while being in a space where I have no focus or intention on myself, allows for so many new insights to occur. 

I also like to do education during this time. Personally, I do love all the aspects of running a business (hence I studied it). 

So I did a lot of pieces of training on Marketing and SEO and Photography and other things in the meantime.

You can see how no time there is lost. Everything supporting my ability to contribute.

Even when it doesn’t feel like it at the moment.

And you will see, once you are back on it, everything will be more exciting than ever!

with love,


Bouncing Back!

Bouncing Back!

  • Alan
    Posted at 15:06h, 09 October Reply

    Excellent words of insight, wisdom, and inspiration. Thank you Iris!

    • iriszajac
      Posted at 15:33h, 09 October Reply

      Hi Alan, Thank you so much for your kind comment. I am happy you are here!

  • Anneliese
    Posted at 11:37h, 16 October Reply

    Hello! Me too!!! I ve loved to be a re-beginner!! it is so exciting to discover, what has changed, sometimes left me, and what is still alive with me. Love the beginnerattitude in life!

  • iriszajac
    Posted at 18:27h, 16 October Reply

    Thank you so much, Anneliese! Yes it’s so helpful to be a beginner sometimes, and sometimes to step up and empower oneself to be a pro as well 🙂

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