How can you live life to the fullest? – Work Experience

Here is how you gain more experience and how this experience will lead you to the sky

How can you live life to the fullest? – Work Experience

The same principles that you can apply to gain more work experience, to innovate and find solutions in your work life can help you live life to the fullest. Whether you do business or work passionately, in order to make business work one needs a clear and open mind. One that has a vision and knows how to improve and innovate and do a variety of tasks well. It turns out that the ability to do many things, having motivation and intention that brings forth innovation also moves our life forward.


In corporations, we see a high degree of specialisation. There are people doing just one type of thing.

I love thinking of the example of high-value production film sets. 

The specialisation in the film industry goes extremely far. 

There is not just a person handling the camera, one doing the cuts, one director, and so forth. 

Rather, there are actually 5 to 10 people only responsible for handling the camera. One person will only be responsible for the lens focus. One person will only be responsible for framing, and so forth. 

Of course, we can see the impressive results of such a high degree of specialisation in the quality of the Hollywood movies that we see on our Screens. 

Recently I went to the Cinema with a friend to watch “A star is born”. What a brilliant movie. 

If looking at the filming aspect of the movie, this movie is a wonderful example of how nothing is left to coincidence. 

There is no single frame that has no intention behind it. Every single shot is carefully chosen. Capable to point out and bring to attention what is essential in the scene. And to enrich a scene through perspective. By showing what was before unseen. 

To have such a high degree of specialisation brings entirely beautiful and clear results. 

So, It has many benefits, from efficiency to results, to role clarity. 

However, when we start out with a new business, we are not quite there yet… We are missing work experience.

Starting from Scratch

When you start from scratch, you may have none of the resources needed to employ other people.

Specialisation is not an option, because the finances are simply not there. 

Also, when you start from scratch, you may not quite know all the skills that you even need. 

And what the end result should look like.

Maybe you just need to get the thing done so that it is out there and can be out there in some way. 

And you just need to get going so you can meet people and clients.

Probably, the number of tasks to run your business can seem overwhelming and unending.

And it can seem difficult to prioritise. 

When you start out completely from scratch and have never done something similar before, specialisation and perfection is not always the first priority. 

We try to make it work as well as we can. 

And we improve and change along the way. 


So here is the newsflash: This is exactly how those big corporations and super professional companies have ended up being able to specialise to such a high degree as well.

It is only through work experience that we can be highly professional and highly optimised in the way we operate. 

Whether it is a group of people coming together, where everyone already was able to gain a lot of experience in complementary fields.

Or whether you are all by yourself researching on the internet and trying to see what other people are doing. 

Whether you are working together with a coach, an expert in their field who gives you instructions.

Or whether you are spending years at university to learn from many other experts. 

It all boils down to experience.

No matter where anyone is standing. No matter how perfect or rudimental the work looks, it is someone’s experience that has made it happen. 

The question is: How can we foster experience and tap into the experience of others?

What is Work Experience?

What does experience mean?

In a professional context, “work experience” is connected to how long and how much we have done something.

This doesn’t just mean doing the same thing again and again. While it does also include that. 

But more importantly, it means: How many times have we done the same thing and have found new, better, more effective and more optimised ways to do the same thing.

How often have we altered and refined our approach?

And how often have we taken time to reflect on what we are doing and considered alternative options and variations?

How often have we checked that our chosen path is the ideal one? That our views are correct? 

And have we then made the choice to readjust? Or ignored the information presented to us?

How often have we connected with people who have more skill or experience in the area that we are focusing on? 

People with opposing views?

And how much opportunity did we have to experiment? To do trials and make errors? 

Have we checked with the people who we are doing all of this for, that our work is still needed? 

Have we had the clear and open mind to see our errors and did we course correct? 

This is how people who are really good at something become good at what they are doing.

And this is how people become better and better at what they are already good at. 

This is how there is a constant flow of innovation, improvement and betterment of our society can happen.

Through each of us. 

Applications in Life

While these guidelines for gaining work experience and innovating seem so obvious in our professional and work lives, bringing the same motivation and intention to all of the areas in our lives, brings equal benefits. 

For me, doing business and living my life are inseparable. 

This is the reason why I feel so passionate about being creative and doing business, working together with people.

And this is what I see as the secret benefit that people who run their own businesses and are self- employed reap. 

When you are self-employed and run your own business, you are forced to make those reflections and adjustments.

It is obvious that your business will be ruined if you don’t. 

In other areas of life, we like to fool ourselves and just live along. Ok, when we do the same un-ideal thing over and over again. 

But when you run your own business, there is nowhere to hide. There will be results or consequences. 

I like this kind of honesty and directness. 

An encouragement for anyone doing there own business or thinking of starting to…

While starting out with your own business, just as much as running it, we can feel overwhelmed at times.

While the amounts of tasks, the need for expenditure for ads or stock or domains, or events and staff continue to grow and grow, it may seem it’s not worth it at times. 

Maybe it seems that any amount of work experience just brings more questions and troubles than it solves.

And while there will be challenges and you need to learn again and again how to do something new or differently…

Know that you are in this special position that allows you to bring into the world a very specific contribution, that only you can make. 

And not just that, know that by doing business and working together in a professional environment, you continue to raise the standards for what business is in our society, how we deal with our staff, and how we relate both in and to our world. 

An encouragement for workers and employees…

While there are so many amazing benefits in having your own business, sometimes it is not feasible to realise this or maybe we are not interested in it. 

It is also not necessary that each of us starts their own thing, who would be there to support each other then? 

Instead, no matter if it is your own project or you are working for someone, see that everything that you do brings you work experience that can move you forward in all of life. Bring the same attitude into your work as one would if it was your own project. 

Also, bring in that very same mentality. And ask yourself the same questions that self-employed people need to ask themselves on a daily basis. And constantly aim for solutions and improvements. 

Reflect not just on your hard skills but also on your relationships and how you have treated others that day. 

In this way, working together for other people will be just as enjoyable and an opportunity to grow and reflect as running your own business. 

An encouragement for established companies…

If you already run a medium or large scale business and have been running it for many years, you may have established a firm corporate identity as well and corporate culture through years of work experience.

Depending on the industry that you are working in, you may have more or less strict or firm systems and procedures in place. 

I encourage you to open up the possibility for employees to truly own their projects. To bring in suggestions and to foster a culture of openness and innovation.

One that truly, and not just on paper, allows employees to flourish and really contribute. 

This won’t just help retain employees. It also ensures that your company stays relevant in and ahead of the current Zeitgeist as well as the needs of workers and our society.

Businesses and especially large scale companies and corporations play such an important role in our society and the world we live in. 

Yet most people have icky feelings when thinking about corporations and the way they operate. 

An open mind, true receptivity and void of self-focus can lay the foundation to a change in the way we run businesses as well as see the world. And support so many people along the way. 


Iris Zajac

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