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Health Coaching

Specialized FOOD Coaching

As a Health Coach, I support you with finding the best food and physical activities for you. I help you make the best choices for a lifestyle that supports your Health according to your personal goals.

So you can enjoy your life more every day!

Food & Health Coaching

Learn how to change your diet for a healthier and better life. Whether you want to move into a specific way of eating, tackle a specific Health Issue or Wellness and Fitness Goal. Together we create the perfect program for you. 


Tracked Results

Your Commitment. My Support. Together they guarantee the best results. Through tracking and data analysis we know exactly what they are. 


Personalized Plans

Every Plan is Tailor Made – for you:

Your Goals. Your Metrics. Your Health.

Your Success.

Learn How To Eat Healthy –  Easefully.

Take the thinking out of cooking and reach your health goals at the same time.

I prepare tailor-made, individualised Health Programs for a set period of time based on your preferences, goals, health situation AS WELL as your personal metrics and data. 

Tracking results is important for me when it comes to supporting my clients.

Hence we will identify measurable objective data, that is not dependent on personal estimation or experience that will tell us exactly how you are doing.

Having Trouble Seeing through the Health Jungle? 

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help! 

For many of us it is a jungle out there. So many different dietary theories. So many opposing views. And what does health mean for us anyways? Often it is more a feeling that we crave rather than actual Health Goals – A whole Wellbeing Industry was born from this.  

In my health programs we move away from a personal, individual evaluation of our health to a data driven and hence result driven approach to health.


How I can Help

Plant-based Food Coaching

Go Plant-based. Go Vegan. Go Raw. Go Vegetarian. Or just increase your veggies.

With my help it is easy. 


Release your Digestion. Boost your Immunity. Fuel up on Nutrients. I guide you through  a 3, 5, 7 or 10 Day Detox Program.

Allergies + Food Sensitivities

Whether you are lactose intolerant, just dairy-free, gluten-free or celiac.

This is how you won’t even notice that you eat “differently”.

Weight Loss

Your Body. Your Favorite Food. Your Weight Loss Goals. Are you planning for a Tracked Results in a Given period of time. Are you planning for a specific weight on a specific date? I help you get there. 


About Iris

Professional Food + Health Coach

I spent my whole life focusing on food and health in some form or another. Whether it was nutrition, raw foods, yoga, gym, swimming, hiit, running, weight loss, protein shakes, air quality, natural remedies, natural cosmetics, massage, or more. I have had a passion for it.

When it comes to the plans that I am offering, all have been well tested on myself as well as clients to see whether they work, whether they deliver the results and to see what support is needed in the process. 

This careful testing has provided me with the tools and experience to support you with achieving your health goals. 

My Approach

Goal Oriented. Measurable. Well planned. Analytics Driven.

Yet Easeful and Relaxed.

My Motto is that with good planning, you don’t need to worry much about the execution.

I see also that goals that are tracked are the ones most successfully achieved and easily altered.

Instead of focusing on vague ideas of how we are doing, we know exactly where we are at each day of the program.

And together we get you the results you are looking for.

Our Process

Individualization and Personalization are two important factors for me when it comes to Health and Food Coaching. I am interested in the facts.

Seeing the facts helps us break through habits of putting ourselves down and making us small or feeling on top of the world when in reality we are off the goals. 

Nothing is easier and more satisfying than tracking our health goals and seeing that we can realize them. 

Your Decision

Collaboration and Openness are key in the Coaching Process.

While I can give you all the support and information that you need in the world, ultimately it is up to you to put everything in place and to let me know when you can’t. Openness and communication are important in the relationship with the coach as well as a real interest in achieving your health goals. 

Instead of offering standardized one fits all plans, I tailor all the information and plans that I have to fit your personal needs. Personal Support is key in my programs. 

“Grazie, Iris. Thank you so much. It was perfect. Very very interesting. We enjoyed it. I want to tell you that your blog – it’s really nice. Actually all the things you do, I like the style, I like the content. I think it’s amazing. And we were saying that we can learn a lot from you. I was reading about your detoxifying process in the post that you put on instagram. So I know you are a big resource of things. And so we will train more!”

Elisabetta, Italy

“I would love to express my gratitude for the wonderful support you have been offering regarding my healthy lifestyle. I found it so stabilizing to have your regular feedback helping me to integrate new perspectives. My weaknesses and strengths in food and mood and activities have been sincerely, patiently too,  accepted. I felt really inspired with your realistic ideas. Thus, I could intensify a very creative way (I think !) to manage my diet.  I also gained more confidence on how to open up to new and more experimental inputs in my life, expanding from time to time. A step to step-check on a daily basis is sometimes what I need to have a confident awareness of my present situation… Thank you for sharing your honest knowledge and interest in a free and relaxing lifestyle.”

Anneliese, Austria

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Pumpkin Spice Cake

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