How can you be in a constant state of Flow?

“Flow” describes a state of mind when everything is running smoothly. When ideas are just naturally pushing forward, we feel at ease and at one with everything that is going on around us. And from that lots of things are lining up effortlessly. No matter what we do, it seems to happen smoothly. Even if obstacles come about, we just glide over them swiftly, moving on to the next solution. No wonder everyone is wondering how to enter the flow state!

When a few months ago, I was in a meeting with a bank manager and described the way I live and have been operating from a business perspective he said: That I was in a Flow.

I hadn’t really considered that so much until then.

Of course, I did notice that I was extremely lucky in the way I have been living my life in the last 7 years.

I had incredible amounts of freedom, visited wonderful places, met amazing people and did very creative and challenging work on a daily basis.

And I was able to decide when I was doing what, as well as had plenty of time to develop all kinds of creative skills.

I learned to paint, to develop products, to film, to sing, to lead people, to teach. I learned about health and how to make soaps. How to design jewellery and how to be a manager and producer of different projects, organize and help at different retreats and do workshops. And so much more.

In addition, clients just came at the right time. It seemed like I met the right people at the right time. And clients just my way effortlessly.

Yes, on reflection, my bank manager was right: I have been living in a complete sense of flow.

Enter the Flow State

A natural state of mind

While for most of us this state of “flow” is something rare and unique, a special state that needs to be cultivated, what I have come to see, is that this state is completely and entirely natural.

It is our normal condition.

We always know what to do. We always know what is the next step. We always know what is best in the next moment.

However, we have learned through many different means to ignore what we know and sense in every moment.

Maybe because we have established firm believes in what we want to achieve so that we lose the perspective of all the possibilities that present themselves.

Or we believe we want something so much or want to not have it in our lives at all so that we try to ignore what we feel in ourselves as much as we can.

And sometimes, the insights and knowledge that we have about what is best, and what should be the next step simply don’t make sense.

From a rational mind, there is no explanation why we would take that next step.

Everything is going so well already? Why make that next change?

Cycling in the Flow

Resistance to Enter the Flow

We can have a lot of resistance to our own wisdom and knowledge.

This quote by Marianne Williamson has always stricken me deeply:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

And don’t get me wrong, I have seen this quote often. So often that the platitude with which it was used sickened me.

However, sometimes it seems strikingly true. And the explanation for many making excuses in stepping up. There are so many excuses that we make to step up and trust in our own innate knowledge:

  • We won’t fit in with society
  • Our life is already good, why change it?
  • It is completely risky
  • It doesn’t make sense, we don’t understand why this next step seems right
  • We fear we will lose the people around us, our family, friends and loved ones
  • Nothing around us seems to confirm or explain why that what we feel would be the next right step

However, if we want to access this state of flow, we need to be able to trust fully. And completely.

Giving ourselves completely to the unknown, and yet to that which we know is true deep in our hearts.

Painting Street Art in the Flow

It takes courage to enter the Flow – and to live in it!

It really does take a lot of courage, to let go of all these beliefs.

Stepping into the unknown and doing something new, doesn’t mean we have to completely change our lives. Even if we sometimes feel like doing that next step will change everything.

The good news is, there is no need to rush.

We can continue to relax again and again, more and more.

And we can allow us time to familiarise ourselves with these feelings, that seem so frightening, yet we know are true in our hearts.

By relaxing more and more with a new reality, we adjust ourselves smoothly and comfortably.

As we do that, we can slowly take small steps, that bring about a change for the better in our minds, and in our lives

For each of us, we can do just as much as we can in each moment.

We don’t need to compare ourselves with others and how they live their lives.

But we can slowly grow in confidence until we have complete trust.

Some things that seem important and scary may change in the process. And some we may finally feel couragous enough to face!

Painting in The Flow

Flow doesn’t mean it is always easy

When we live in a state of flow, that doesn’t mean that challenges don’t arrive.

It doesn’t mean that suddenly, by magic, everything is easy.

Even though things do get much easier, and seem to happen much more effortlessly.

But the ease primarily comes from our own being. Because we respond to things in a different way. And because we see things in a different way. Because we are more relaxed about everything.

Because we are not fixed on one certain outcome or one idea, we can respond to everything around us in a much more easeful and clear way.

Fashion Design in the Flow

Flow isn’t an isolated event

When you are living in a state of flow, it is not an isolated experience, that only involves yourself.

Instead, everyone around you is affected by your state of flow.

People are allowed to flourish, and they can also start to see new options and perspectives. New solutions to their problems.

It is a natural communication between yourself and all parts of the environment and the people around you.

Flow really is a complete sense of ease and love.

Enjoying in the Flow

Spontaneity in Flow

Spontaneity is one of the most crucial qualities when it comes to living in flow. Alongside relaxation.

Yesterday, I spent quite a large time of my day on researching about Sugar. How can we curb our sugar cravings? And what are the consequences of having too high blood sugar levels?

I spent hours and hours on searching for keywords, coming up with a social media, ad and complete marketing campaign strategy.

I compiled my information and thoughts and researched for even longer on the topic itself.

And I looked exactly at everything and how it would tie in perfectly with my products and services that I am offering.

However, already while I was doing all of this, I noticed that everything that I was doing was based on already existing knowledge.

Research and Books that had already been written about the different consequences of sugar.

Understanding what people are currently wanting to know about sugar.

Where is the value in that? This doesn’t create any new knowledge or new solutions.

This is what I am interested in – creating new solutions and innovations that benefit each individual exactly where they are at.

Solutions that are based on the knowledge that comes from spontaneous insight, rather than a review of already existing information.

So in my case, I had to be spontaneous and come up with a completely new blog post on the fly.

Artist in the Flow

Following our knowledge of what is good and right is to enter the Flow

In addition to being spontaneous, and allowing myself to be open to new ideas as they emerge, I also had to be flexible to give up the idea that I already had in my mind before.

Flexible enough to go with the new insight and my clear seeing of what is really beneficial, rather than what I thought would be.

Being able to respond to everything that is happening within and around us from a clear perspective is so crucial when it comes to interacting with the world around us.

As I already mentioned, we have many ideas of what we want to see in the world and how we want everything to look like and work out.

The reality, however, often presents itself with all kinds of unexpected scenarios and responses.

We need to be able to deal with each of them and be able to come up with the next best response and direction.

Ceramics in the FLow

Flow is cumulative

When we are able to be responsive and always continue with the next direction and idea, trusting our own wisdom, no matter of what we believe, then we are always in the flow.

It doesn’t matter whether this feels good or bad. Whether there are challenges or everything is easy.

Flow is always already our reality. It really isn’t about entering the flow, it is about recognizing it is already there.

And the more we train in living in this way, the more flow we experience naturally in our lives.

What Do you think?

I am making a point of trusting our own knowledge in this article. Our own knowing of what is best in each moment.

This includes connecting with others. When we are completely in alignment with what we know is best, there is no need to exclude others from our decisions and considerations.

Our focus is on what brings the most benefit. And that often is involving people that know more about a situation than I do. Admitting when we don’t know something. Finding a solution to solving something we don’t know how to solve at the moment.

No matter where we are standing, there will always be someone who knows more about a matter than we do.

When we are in complete flow, this is no reason to feel bad or to try to be better than them.

Instead, we connect with the best sources that are available to us, we learn and relate.

And in this way grow more and more and more.

The Flow State

Flow is non-competitive

When we are in a complete state of flow, there is no competition with others.

Our focus is completely absorbed by what is best in each moment. We don’t even care whether “our competitors” work against us.

Instead, we are working together. We are happy to form partnerships and communities.

Support each other’s businesses and support individuals to rise.

We see clearly where others are stuck, but we don’t need to change that unless we are asked to.

Complete flow allows us to be totally fine with where everyone is, while at the same time be totally clear about where we want to be.

Decisions come clearly and with ease.

Enjoying in the Flow

It is easy to enter the Flow – and to live in it!

Living in the flow is really easy. It has nothing to do with a hippy-dippy lifestyle. It is not being irresponsible and just ignoring our commitments. It is highly professional. In reality, many athletes, scientists, tech people, and artists are very familiar with this state of flow, at least for limited periods of time.

The foundation of living in the flow is to see that it is already always the case, and then just to open up to living in that way!

I want to know: Have you ever experienced this sense of flow? How often do you experience it? Is it part of your daily life or rather rare?

Let me know in the comments or per email! It’s such an exciting topic, that is so wonderful to share!

With love,