Does life stress you out? This is how I do it!

Iris Zajac No Longer Stressed Out

Does life stress you out? This is how I do it!

It is the week before Christmas. So this means for many people on the planet, worldwide, it is a very busy week. I have already written in my last blog post how you can keep cool during the Holidays. Practical tips on how not to stress out with an overwhleming amount of things to do. Today’s post takes it one step further: Instead of dealing with the circumstances, the stress and busy-ness as they are, we step out of it. You will be amazed at how your world changes if you can do that!

The past 3 months of my life

I have been super super busy over the last months. Creating a website. Creating a business.  Coaching packages. Creating Online classes. Setting up shop.

And of course, writing a blog. Connecting with many people. Old friends and business partners. And new – with up to 1261 Live Viewers on Periscope! Working with clients. Doing everything myself!

This week I am filming my new Online class on how to make delicious Raw Vegan Cakes!

At the same time, I am moving out of my flat in Bristol for the next 7 months – adventures in Austria, India, and Bali await!

I am very fortunate to live a completely amazing, magical life – not limited to the confines of my own believes, fears and ideas.

It also comes with a good amount of stress.

Honestly, if thinking rationally or conventionally – I would never be able to do any of it.

Crystal Ball Sunset

Stress. Conventionally thinking…

I would feel limited by the idea of money and finances, limited by what is around me and the possibilities that I see arising. Or rather not arising.

I would feel limited by “failures” and mistakes. If people said no to me or things are not working out at the time I want them to work out.

I would feel like I couldn’t carry on because I feel a certain way. And not another.

Basically, I would feel limited by the fact that things might not look exactly like what I want them to look at the exact moment.

As a consequence, I would do what most people do. Suffer. Be unhappy with my circumstances. Be unhappy with the people around me. Start fights and conflicts with the people around me.

Feel like a victim of what is happening in the world.

And as another consequence, I would start to effort. Work really hard. To change my circumstances. To change me. How I feel. And what I think. To change the people around me. How they behave, what they think. Who they are.

This is stress.

It is no surprise to me that many many people share their experience of anxiety at this time.

Whether it is not being able to go to bed. Because our minds are so active.

Or whether it is not getting out of bed, because we feel paralysed by our sensations.

Anxiety and Insomnia are on the rise. They are some of the most reported issues in my Health Coaching Sessions. If you look at Google Trends, Stress is still peaking when it comes to searches – worldwide!

Google trends Stress

People are looking for solutions to relieve pain and to relax. To get rid of the stress. It’s one reason why Palo Santo or CBD are so popular right now!

And I have my share of it. I know what all of it feels like. The intensity. The rush. The paralysis. 

Being relaxed about whatever things look like…

However, through living the way I do for some time now, I know that all I need is patience. And trust.

Everything changes and self-releases. I don’t actually need to do anything about it.

Everything happens perfectly in its own accord.

And when there are tough times, they are followed by exciting and blissful times.

And when there are times that feel most amazing, I can know for sure, there will always also be things that seem challenging or like an obstacle.

Such is life.

It is about knowing that this is the case. And when you do, then there is nothing that can phase you.

Even if you are stressed, it’s ok.

Whether it is impending doom or the greatest bliss. Purpose or not knowing what is going to happen at all.

All of it you can enjoy evenly and equally.

I love living life in this way. 

I love the people that I meet because of this. And the radiance that it brings to others who are looking to step out of conventional ways of living and thinking!

And it is just ever increasing and improving.

It doesn’t matter what your life looks like!

So no matter where you are, if you have the possibility to travel and celebrate, or you are homebound by illness or poverty, whether you are on the streets or taking care of a loved one. Whether you are working hard to meet your needs (Have a look here also at my article on Can we make ends meet), you can trust that it will pass.

That innately all is well and that just by remaining open, and moving slowly, one step at a time, suddenly something will turn around, and your whole life may change again in an instant.

To find your security and sense of wellbeing not in anything that you do, not in any type of experience or what things feel like is what will open you up to true generosity and love.

This is what gives you the power to actually become super active, filled with purpose and gives you the energy to share with others – and to enjoy life fully.

Once you know about it – it’s your choice!

I am very grateful that I made this decision to live my life from this vantage point when I left to go to Goa for the first time.

This is when I left a good relationship, cats, flat and secure job and went into the unknown. ( I am not saying by any means that this is necessary (just to be clear)). 

Since then, everything in my life has continued to blossom more and more.

I went through what felt like severe challenges and phases of fear and stress. But every time, this was only a confirmation of how this too passes. And more growth.

A confirmation that always everything is well. And that life happens completely effortlessly. And in its own accord.

Without me needing to change it or try to make it better.

While I had to make the steps and decision to live life from this vantage myself, it is the support of the Balanced view training, that helped me grow in it, extend it and maintain it, and shine through those believes and ideas that by myself feel/felt hard to not give in.

There is always support available!

It is through support and community with others that we are able to go through all kinds of experiences on all walks of life and have the opportunity to shine exactly where we are.

It doesn’t matter if it feels difficult sometimes, it doesn’t matter if sometimes we feel like there is nothing to hold us and nothing to look forward to.

What we need to know is that there is some kind of support out there.

Whether it is a real support structure, a person, a coach or teacher as well as family or friends.

Or whether it is a belief in a higher power or guidance.

To know that you are supported and that you can reach out to someone with anything that is going on for you.

To know that there is someone who will help you see the light in your darkest belief systems is a most wonderful gift.

Sunlight shining - No more Stress

Happy Christmas!

This for me is the true Christmas Spirit.

I wish that everyone can live with this sense of ease and confidence in their lives.

And that you have time to enjoy the time while you are doing things.

Whether it is being busy working on some creative project, or whether it is spending time with your family and friends. Or whether it is just sitting alone on a bench watching birds and gazing into the far sky.

Have a lovely time during the Holidays, whatever culture you belong to.

With love,


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