Detox your Body and Mind: Supported Fasting

Detox Coach - Iris Zajac

Kick start a new Diet. Get rid of Heavy Metals, Processed Foods and Sugars. Increase Energy Levels.

I will be your Coach for a 3-5 Day Detox Program that is tailored to your own health and the right step according to your current diet.

The price is the same for both 3 or 5 Days. We will determine the ideal length together.

This is what we will do:

  • Meet for 1 Session of 30-50 Minutes to assess your Health History, define the Detox Program and answer any questions you may have
  • I will provide you with informational material and recipes that will support you through the Detox program and make you aware of the different symptoms and experiences that may come up
  • During the program, I am available to you every day on Live Chat and through Email
  • At the end of the program, we will have another 30-50 Minutes Session to see how you are doing
  • This program includes Guidance of Easing into the Fast, Doing the Fast and Breaking the Fast
  • You get 1 extra free Emergency Session of 30 Minutes Max during your fast if you need it!

Are you done with feeling tired, bloated, constipated, acidic, fatigue, not able to sleep?

The foods that we eat as well as the environment that we live in expose us to toxins, pollutants, heavy metals, free radicals, acids, etc.

All of which have different effects on our body.

In addition, our body needs to work hard to get rid of all that stuff as well. Until it can’t.

This is when illness comes in.

As your Detox Coach, I guide you through a 3 or 5 Day Program of Detoxing and Cleansing.

Every person enters a Detox or Cleanse from a different starting point.

Depending on what our diet looked like before we started, we will be able to go to different lengths in our Fast.

For someone who has eaten lots of processed foods, already changing to a pure vegetable and fruit and maybe a liquid diet for 3-5 days is already enough of a challenge.

For others, juice fasting might be perfect.

And if you had been on a raw food or other super pure and focused diet, water fasting might be the right step for you.

Of course, there are lots of other options in between.

In this Detox Program, we assess your own Health History and Status Quo Diet in a first Live Session.

From there we determine what is the best Detox program for YOU.

As you go through the Detox program, I provide you with support, information and recipes.

And most importantly: I am available through Live Chat support for any questions you might have!

Every Detox can come with different symptoms. This can be anything from headaches, achiness, nausea, weakness,…

We also become much more clear and aware of everything that is going on in our body. This can be scary, hence support is important!

The benefits of going through a Detox are so many:

  • You can rid yourself of sugars, caffeine, metals and other toxins.
  • You gain Mental Clarity, Insight and access to knowledge and perception of your body and the world around you, that you have not been able to see before.
  • You can allow yourself time to rest and reflect.
  • You can gain clarity on how to move forward in your life
  • And of course, it can lay the foundation to a more healthy and purposeful way of living and eating
  • It often means the beginning of something new in your life!