For most people in the world making ends meet is a daily struggle and source of fear. This fear of having sufficient funds, enough money, a safe place to live and enough food every day keeps us going. It is the source of a lot of activity and creativity and the reason why many businesses were founded in the first place. I always appreciated this side of money and always felt very inspired by the option to be creative. However, I have also experienced very directly, how this very same drive is the source of a blindness that has devastating effects on humanity.

Why we are doing business

Most recently I made a drastic change in my life – from a time of high-intensity work, high-density creativity and productivity to a bit of a different approach.

More relaxed. More responsive. Very much resting. Very much needed.

This is the second time I have made such a decision and change. To go into the unknown.

It has been so beautiful to see the influx of offers, job opportunities, and ideas that I have received since.

I am so grateful to know a high number of entrepreneurs, creatives and just outright fantastic people who are working diligently on what they love, bringing something beautiful and beneficial to the world.

However, despite this creating a massive decrease in financial income, it has been powerful to be very specific in the types of work and projects I now choose to approach.

To be in a situation where money is really needed and to still be committed to being fully dedicated to what seems most beneficial – feels so important. To not be dictated by fear and to trust fully that we know what is right in every moment.

I would not be able to write this blog otherwise.

Most recently I started working together with Rachel from FARA Boutique to look into their Brand.

And two weeks ago I started a wonderful SEO course with Maddy Shine.

There is one thing that became so obvious to me in my most recent interactions with different business owners, managers, and CEOs:

No matter what the actions may look like, for the most part:

Everyone is just trying to make ends meet. Everyone just wants to live a secure and safe life, doing the things we like to do and not need to worry about needing to survive.

When people couple this insight with clarity in addition to what they are truly passionate about – the outcome is truly beautiful and wonderous.

Businesses and Corporations

Skyscraper one View Up


While this may be obvious for some, it is probably not as obvious for many:

No matter how big the company. The same rule applies:

Everyone is trying to make ends meet.

The top companies in the world – the S+P 500, also known as the Fortune 500 – have an average net profit margin – that is the ratio of profits to revenues of around 11%.

This means that after all expenditures have been made and all costs have been paid from the revenues, there is only 11% profit that is then distributed to the owners or shareholders.

These are the top, most successful and biggest companies.

I find that absolutely fascinating. Here is something that each of us can relate to and where we can really see it doesn’t matter who we are, this reality of high spendings, little savings is a reality for everyone.

If the most professional, most organized and most diversified companies on the planet face the same reality, we can relate to why having less is the reality for most people on the planet.

This is one reason not to feel incapable or like a failure when life and doing business doesn’t get us the big bugs that we have been taught to dream about.

What is the real reason why we do business?

Business. Being Busy. Doing Something. A business is doing something that creates some sort of value because what we do is appreciated in some way by others who are willing to exchange something for it.

This is how a business came about in the first place. No matter what type of business it is – the only reason why it can exist is that someone sees value in its activity.

No matter what we think about big corporations. This is also the reason why they became big. Because they were able to communicate and create some kind of value for their customers.

When I was working on a Google Doc a few months back, I started to use an app to help me speed up a rather boring editing process. It was then that I suddenly had an epiphany about Value Creation, Artifical intelligence and Block Chain.

I understood the amount of work, brain power or muscle that goes into any type of value creation. No matter who or what is doing the work, someone or something has to do it. Either a machine and electricity or us with our own source of power.

In a business venture, every step is taken to support the continuation and enlivening of the very business venture.

No matter what we do, it always uses up a whole lot of resources. It is never the case that a big success just falls into our laps.

The bigger the company and the greater the vision, the bigger the number of resources needed to make it happen.

Which is why big businesses move such a large amount of money.

What we can learn from Business for our own life

I see every step that I take in my life as a business. Every step that I take is a business venture because everything that I do is about creating value. Otherwise, I just prefer to rest and do nothing 😁 yes, I love my couch 😁.

This was one of the main reasons why I changed my online identity to my own name.

So in that, I can offer everything that I am to everyone in each circumstance as it fits.

Redefining Business

Approaching life in that way brings about significant opportunities to redefine business as we see it today as the general population.

I find it helpful to take these two considerations:

– Business = Bringing Benefit
– Income and Outgoings are there only to support that Business

as the foundation for redefining how we operate in the world, no matter whether the size of our business entity is only us, our family or hundreds of thousands of people.

I experience the results in my own life and how I approach every day and every interaction:

– I am more focused and organized
– There is more creativity when it comes to activities, funding and so forth
– There is greater motivation to do things
– More openness and availability to see opportunities
– More clarity concerning what I really want to do
– More ease when it comes to the amount of finances available
– Greater overall life quality and enjoyment
– More enjoyment and carefreeness every day
– No hoarding, accumulating and fear of losing all of the above

What if we continue with our old ways?

Work Harder

Work Harder

So many people on the planet are struggling today with having sufficient funds, being able to support their lives and families and just simply living an easeful and joyful life.

At the same time companies carry forward this struggle in their aim to always continue to grow, to retain all the employees and keep afloat while meeting the desires of the shareholders and owners.

It is an increasingly complex and confused problem. Especially when companies become self-servant and we lose the focus on the value is supposed to be generated, and for whom it is supposed to be generated – the customer.

It is understandable that increasingly big projects become increasingly difficult to manage and handle.

That we need new ways of thinking and problem solving as well as relating in order to continue value creation for the customer.

A need for being allowed to think freely – an example:

Airports or travelling are examples of business ventures that require organisation and skill of enormous scale to run smoothly. We all have experienced lost luggage, delayed flights, unfriendly staff and staff with no authorisation to help a situation, and so forth.

While there is already an extremely detailed level of organisation in place, this is a place where it becomes so obvious that relying on systems and guidelines alone does not bring an optimal experience for everyone.

While maintaining guidelines, introducing a certain level of openness and adaptability to the existing system is needed to beneficially find solutions for so many customers and so many events.

Everyone would struggle to manage the many factors that are involved in running an airport, under high pressure just with a narrow focus on strict guidelines and structures at hand.

However, if we can learn to operate from a sense of relaxation and clarity we will be able to see exactly the solutions and actions needed to bring about a supportive and beneficial outcome in any circumstance.

I am certain that if everyone individually can find a resolution for money and financial concerns, this will open up the potential for truly open and even distribution of resources on a global scale.

Very often, we take things to be so normal that we don’t even begin to question why they are as they are.

Guidelines are given. Hence we follow them. No questioning.

Applying it in our own Lives

The same is true for many other areas in our lives, and the foundation for many decisions and choices that we make in our lives.

Work, Being in Relationships, Having Children, as well as Housing are classic topics that we often don’t even consider or even begin to question. And not just that, believing that we need them causes us such pain and longing that if they are not present it controls our behaviour.

All of us need to be invited and encouraged to think of creative solutions in our workplace. To question existing structures, so that beneficial innovation can take place from any level.

Gladly some companies are already doing that.

And gladly, through travels, internet and TV we are able to see that there are many different cultures and ways of being out there and solid assumptions start to blur.

The way forward:

A world where everyone has equal opportunities, a careless life and can pursuit exactly what they want to do in their life is possible.

This doesn’t mean that everyone has to have the same amounts of money and things. It also doesn’t mean that everyone has to have very little or a lot.

It requires a level of clarity and contemplation, the ability to honestly reflect:

What are our wishes and needs? Why are they present? Is it something that we have been taught all of our lives? In school? In the media? In Society? In our families?

Or is it really something that we really want? That we see is needed?

So, I’d like to encourage everyone to look clearly at what it is they want and why they want it.

How do we live our lives and what are our fears?

What if we continue on in our ways?

And what do we see from a perspective of clarity?

How can we support society and our communities from this sense of clarity?

And what will our lives look like if make this choice?

In love,