Ouch, back pain! What falling down the stairs confirmed to me.

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Ouch, back pain! What falling down the stairs confirmed to me.

Opening up physical pain into love

Whenever we experience any kind of pain in our lives it is easy to get stuck in our learned definition of that pain. This is true for both physical or emotional pain. The example of physical pain – in my case back pain – shows our standard response so clearly. It also demonstrates easily how we can change our response and how we see the world in its core.

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How I got Back Injury ( 2 days to Christmas)

I was about to carry away the hoover after cleaning up and redecorating my room in my family’s house

When suddenly I slipped and fell down the stairs.

Both of my hands holding the hoover, I had no way to hold on anywhere. And I fell directly onto the edge of the steps hitting the center of my spine.

I was alone in the house. So no one could hear my scream as I fell down from step to step.

I instantly felt that this could potentially be a very bad injury.

Instinctively I slightly bend forward as soon as I reached the bottom of the staircase; a counter movement to the hit I took from falling down about 5-6 steps.

I got up. Moved the hoover where it belongs. And checking whether I could move all my limbs. Feeling whether there were any sharp pains anywhere and in that way assessing the injury.

I could move everything and there was no sharp pain.

So next I walked as quickly as I could to a mirror and checked my back.

It was red and bruised where I fell. Not such a good look.

So still in shock, I called my boyfriend. He is someone who knew a lot about back injuries, to see what are the first aid steps I had to take now:

I got some ice. Stopped moving. And laid down in my bed flat on top of the ice pack with knees bend and elevated head.

Time for rest and not do anything else.

Just wait for my mum to come back home and go from there.

My Mind with Physical Pain…

I am quite lucky because my personality is that way that it doesn’t give me a lot of fear, ideas or labels when it comes to physical sensations, injuries or illnesses.

However, I would of course still experience the back pain itself.

So I still just lay in bed with full attention to the fact that this event just happened. The fact that I needed to rest, as well as the sensations in my back.

Not suffering from that, but certainly focused on it and focused on resting.

Back Pain Back Injury Girl

How we usually deal with pain…

No matter whether it is the thoughts around physical pain or the sensations themselves or any emotional response and fears about it when we focus in on it, they become our world.

This means the whole experience feels real. Maybe like there is a problem or that we need to do something about it.

Just walk through the aisles in supermarkets and health stores and pharmacies – there is a wonder cure for everything you can imagine.

This need to change our current experience – no matter what it is – and find a remedy or relief for every little thing that is occurring, is exactly what made me despise the health and wellness industry to the point that I didn’t even want anything to do anything with it for some time.

Because it is completely missing the point.

Of course, there is the need to support ourselves through illnesses, injuries, and pains.

And I am the first one to advocate taking responsibility and doing what is needed when we have an injury or illness to support ourselves.

You know I am a great advocate of taking support – whether it is medical, emotional, mental or in skills.

I mean, I am working as a Health Coach after all!!

However, whenever there is a strong sensation or other experience entering our mindstream we have an Additional opportunity which we shall not miss.

This is when the magic happens…

We can change the way we deal with the experience, become more at ease or comfortable with the type of situation and sensation, and from there open up our whole worldview – and a new world of solutions and possibilities.

After I rested for a little bit and slept – regained some energy after my fall – my natural inclination was to look at how I can share about this to support people.

My first idea was to share about lists of things you can do when you have back injury or back pain: First Aid Steps and just general awareness.

And while these are super important and helpful, I realize that tips like that, don’t help at the root of such an experience.

Of course, when you have a bad fall as I did, get help, call a doctor, an ambulance or someone with a lot of experience with back injury.

Check yourself as much as you can do – being careful.

Put ice on the injury and rest as much as you can until further help comes.

However, what I have seen is many people offer these kinds of services out of fear of the pain and the problem they have.

This view is still fueled by the pain, the reality of the pain, rather than the resolution of the pain.

Back Pain Back Injury Girl

An example, to make this more clear…

Too many health practitioners have come to their work from trying to solve their own problems rather than having found resolution of them. Ever met that psychotherapist or health coach that really was only there because they had so many issues themselves? I have met many of this type.

Coming at the issue from the problem view doesn’t bring the resolution.

If we are getting help from someone, we want that help to come from someone who has found resolution and the solution.

What we actually want…

Happy Back

What we really are looking for, is freedom from the sensations and experiences that come with physical, mental or emotional pain.

We want that relief that comes from seeing that suddenly the pain and descriptions don’t matter anymore. Knowing that we didn’t have to believe them and worry about them in the first place.

This feeling and insight that all has been well all along. That whatever we are trying to do or to solve, is actually really easy!

This is nothing that we can achieve by following a mental strategy or practical to do list.

It doesn’t come about by repeating all kinds of affirmations or telling ourselves to stay positive.

How we do it!

What it does come from is being super relaxed with anything that life brings.

To not go into all our ideas of what is happening, and rather see what naturally is the best response.

To take everything one step at a time and see what is the very best next step to take.

And to learn from others example how you can do it.

In this way, we are not just so much kinder to ourselves. –

Or get a better understanding of what we need to do to support ourselves.

But we can actually open up that whole world of pain and injury and see if from a completely new vantage point.

Not one of a victim, not one that needs to change and modify everything that is occurring.

Instead, one that is filled with energy and clarity, as well as compassion to others who experience pain, who are looking (really looking) for relief.

Then it doesn’t matter whether the injury is bad and there is actual pain, the need to take action. Or the pain suddenly relieves itself like by magic – we are free to make the changes that we need to and have the ability to continue to contribute to the world fully.

If you are asking me about the future of health and wellness and the best steps to become a happy, healthy human who is able to contribute, then this is it:

To know this freedom of pain that comes from relaxing. This can be for physical or emotional pain or anything else (including back pain). And to be fuelled by that freedom of a problem to contribute to the world.

With love,

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