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Are you passionate about Food, Health and about Raw Vegan Cakes and Desserts? 

Do you have a community of people that you think will benefit from swapping out their standard desserts and adding more healthy foods to their diet?  

Have you joined My Raw Vegan Cakes Class and want to share the opportunity of an improved health through effortless means, like raw vegan cakes with your community?

Or are you simply passionate about Marketing and looking for ways to add to your income while sharing something good with the world? 

First of all, Thank you so much for your passion as well as your interest! 

It is exactly for people like you, who think in terms of collaboration and expanse rather than in terms of competition, that I have created this program for. 

I wish for a world where we all support each other, where we all see the uniqueness and the talents of another and support and share about them rather than being afraid of what may happen to us or what it will mean about us if someone is successful. 

I have created this Affiliate Program so that Sharing brings Benefit to all parties involved: To me as the creator of the program, to you who is sharing it, to the Student who is signing up and receiving all the benefits of the class but a special discount as well and to the overall Community that benefits from more healthy cakes and improved wellbeing as well as a harmonized relationship with food. 

This is an Affiliate Program of Mutual Sharing and and Mutual Benefit.

And this is How it Works: 

  • Fill in the Form Below to Sign Up for the Affiliate Program
  • Once approved Start Marketing through Any Channels that you see fit.
  • You can request Marketing Materials from Me, or Create Your Own.
  • I will give you a 20% Discount Code as well as an Unique Link to offer to prospective Students
  • You will receive 20% Off the actually paid course price.
  • If you want to join the course yourself, but haven’t done so, I will offer it to you at a discounted price of 160 GBP instead of 250 GBP – an amount that you will be able to easily get back in when signing up students.


Does that sound interesting to you?

I am glad – and look forward to working with you! 

With love,

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