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A lot of my life I obsessed about health, nutrition, fitness, wellness and exercise.

However, what I found in this time is, that the most sustainable way to achieve results in all of these areas is: the easy way.

And it is also the easy way that I saw will bring about the highest impact for the greatest number of people all around the world.

Hence, I created this Course for Making Raw Cakes. A Course that introduces more nutrition into your diet – in an easy way. And supports people who love sweets, but want to enjoy them guilt-free, while benefiting their health. 

Iris Zajac

Founder + Instructor

More Nutrients

Why Raw?

When foods are left raw, the maximum level of nutrients of natural ingredients remains in tact. 

Ingredients for which this is the case we name as of “raw quality”. This means that in most cases foods are not heated above 46°C. The exact number may vary for different foods. 

Raw foods, that have their nutrients in tact are said to give the maximum level of nourishment to our bodies.

But they also create colorful and vibrant foods that are pleasing to the eyes and delicious on the tongue. 

Home-Made and freshly prepared raw cakes always exceed the sweets that you find in stores. 

Not only do you know that your foods have been made fresh and stored correctly, but you also know exactly the ingredients that have gone into your recipe!

My Raw Vegan Cakes –

An Online Class

In this online Raw Desserts Workshop you will learn how to make delicious raw vegan cakes from the comfort of your own home.

It is both for beginners, as well as people who already have experience in raw foods.

Everyone will find something new here.


Be it the use of thickeners and emulsification, the use of different foods to create different textures or how we can avoid nuts and other allergens.

Making your own recipes, and especially desserts is not always easy. With this course you will receive the guidance and instruction that makes it easy.

Iris Zajac

Iris Zajac


I was the Online Lead Instructor of Matthew Kenney Culinary, later Director of Online Educations.

Through these roles, I learned the most advanced techniques in plant-based cuisine as well as the highest standards of customer care, in addition to the development of course content that is engaging and challenging.

In addition, I taught live classes and have prepared foods for up to 185 people. And I created my own product lines.

While dedicating a lot of my life to nutrition and health foods, I never lost my sweet tooth.

In this online class, I share how you can bring raw desserts to your own home and how they can benefit your health as an easy step to a more healthy diet!



How It Works


Live Chat

You receive a Class Demo through Video. Do you have more questions? Simply Call – I am happy to chat! Once you are enrolled, I continue to be available to you through Live Chat and Email.

Email Notifications

Once you are enrolled you will receive all Course Materials sent into your inbox – including Log In Access to the Learning Platform and helpful pointers throughout class.


Course Materials

Each Recipe is covered by a video, and there are more videos on theory and specific techniques. The Extensive Online Content is supplemented with a printable Manual and more helpful printables.


Share Your Work

You are not required to submit assignments in this class. However I invite you to send in your images, share your cakes with friends – for tasting and on Instagram! If you want to receive feedback, I am here for you!