Iris Zajac Profile

I don’t really have a Wellness Journey.

Or Health journey. Honestly, I DESPISE these expressions.

Of course, things happened in my life. Of course, I have had experiences that brought me where I am now.

But this is just life! And true for everyone on the planet.

And while I could find different reasons that caused me to stand where I am now, this interpretation would be purely subjective – and probably change the next time I look at this text 😝

So here are some facts about me:

  • I was born in Vienna, July 1988 – a cancer
  • This is where I spent a lot of my time up to my early twenties
  • In addition, New York was always a second home to me – with my father
  • and Salzburg, in Austria with my grandmother
  • In my teenage years, I experimented with my body in many ways, getting to know my limits and potentials
  • This is when food and nutrition became my passion, and I started to learn everything I could about it
  • I studied Business and Economy at WU University in Vienna and worked in a Business Auditing and Consulting Company for 5 years
  • In that time I also became a Yoga Teacher with Sivananda and trained as A Raw food chef with Matthew Kenney Culinary
  • Early 2014 I left my home, relationship, cats and work because I felt a sense of purpose.
  • I went into the unknown – to Goa, India.
  • In India, I received training as a Reiki Healer.
  • Soon I started working for Matthew Kenney Culinary, where I left after 4 years in the position of Director of Online Education
  • Since 2014, I organised a number of retreats, workshops and created different products and product lines
  • I also travelled to many places – from Los Angeles to St. Barth, to Bali, to Sweden, to Ibiza and more.
  • Now I live in the UK, and I still visit Austria often as well as Goa.


You see, travelling has always been part of my life. As was supporting my friends and people around me through open compassion, advise or simple healing.

I am so happy to have found a way that can connect all the different skills, passions and interests that I have developed throughout my life in one thing – Being a Health and Business Coach.

And I am grateful that through this passion, I can now connect with so many different people and support them in different ways to live the best life for them!

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