As an Online Health Coach, I support women who want to improve their health and wellbeing.

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Health doesn’t just come from the food that we eat and our physical activity, but it also includes our relationships, career and spirituality.

At the same time, instead of trying to fix ourselves, seeing that inherently everything is ok, no matter what is going on around and within us, is the foundation of our Online coaching sessions.

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While Health Coaching is becoming fairly popular in the U.S., Europe and the rest of the world are not yet that familiar with this concept.

So let’s clarify what a Health Coach actually does.

Following an Integrative approach, the food that we eat and ingest is only secondary.

It is influenced by our overall lifestyle – exercise, career, relationships, sleep, joy,…

So while we are primarily looking at your Diet and Nutrition, all of these will play a role when it comes to understanding the choices that you make and how to make impactful adjustments that result in increased physical and mental health.

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Scope of my work

As a Health Coach, I don’t make a diagnosis about illnesses and I also don’t cure diseases or ailments.

Instead, I am there to support you every step of the way to make the right choices for your Health.

This can mean to create meal plans and give recipe suggestions, according to dietary theories that fit into your life and lifestyle.

We can find the right type of exercise and level of activity that fits for you. And only you.

I can help you improve your sleep and give you information, ideas and suggestions and techniques to help you relax and more comfortable in your life. Reduce stress.

If you are in treatment with a Doctor, I can support you with the implementation of his / her suggestions in your life.

Unlike most doctors, I have time to dedicate to your health. Our sessions are up to 1 hour long – whereas your doctor can mostly dedicate 10 minutes at a maximum. 

We can also work together with your doctor and other health practitioners if you are seeing any.


Most importantly, I am here to support you with any doubts or questions you may have.

I am here to listen with an open ear to what is going on in your health and help you see solutions that improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

And, I am here to hold you accountable.

Just knowing that you have someone at your side that will ask you about your week, about how you ate and how much you take care of yourself and wants to help you live the best life you can live, will change completely how you approach your own life – health and wellbeing.

And to know that you can write to someone, reach out to someone with your questions, already starts a different kind of thinking. And a new way in approaching anything that you come across in your day to day life.

In this way, having a coach at our side, really is the ultimate strategy to a wonderful, fulfilled life, that gets better every day!

Coaching Packages

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As a Business and Marketing Consultant, I support women who want to use the energy gained in their wellbeing to contribute with their strengths and passions to the world.

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When it comes to business coaching, I focus on giving the advice that I have found to work for myself as well as for many other business owners and creatives who I work and exchange myself with.

Over the course of the time that I spent working in the Health and Wellness Industry I realised that many people had great offers.

I knew many skilful, well taught and talented people, that had amazing things to share.

However, what I saw many people struggling was either the Marketing side of things or the Organisation and Business Side of things. Or the Online and Web presence side of the business.

This is what really started to show me the value of the education I had received at University as well as in my previous work. And it inspired me to start to share those skills with the people around me so that they could thrive with the businesses that they were starting/changing or optimizing.

There is little as exciting to me as seeing other people thrive in what they do and love and to support them to express their own unique vision.

And to share more tricks and skills that enables them to make it work – these little tricks that everyone is looking for, but that you can really often only know when you have tried it yourself many times – or studied it – is so much fun for me as well!

Similarly to the Health Coaching practice, accountability plays also an important role here.

And even more so than in Health Coaching it is the constant feed with ideas and new suggestions and more refined solutions that I can provide to you so that you can grow, expand and optimize your business every day.

Working in the Wellness and Food Related industry has set my tone for aesthetics, has allowed me to develop my creative, organizational and inter-relational qualities and has allowed me to stand where I stand now.

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