As an Online Health Coach, I support women who want to improve their health and wellbeing.

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Health doesn’t just come from the food that we eat and our physical activity, but it also includes our relationships, career and spirituality.

At the same time, relaxation and seeing that inherently everything is well, no matter what is going on around and within us, is the foundation of my Online coaching sessions.

Brussel Sprouts Fun Foods

There were times in my life when it wasn’t obvious to me that I was going to be a Health Coach or Business Consultant.

I used to be very sceptical, about the impact that another person or certain techniques can have in one’s life.

I learned to fight for myself and to do things by myself.

However, when I started to have Coaches myself, this is when it became clear how important it is to receive guidance from people with more education and experience.

I didn’t learn that in University or at School. While there were teachers around, there were no mentors. No People focused completely on how each individual can thrive.

All is Well!

As a Business and Marketing Consultant, I support women who want to use the energy gained in their wellbeing to contribute with their strengths and passions to the world. Read more…

Today I see that everything makes a difference.

This makes me:

  • Take care of my health by choosing foods that I enjoy and that at the same time feel good in my body,

  • Work out and Get into fresh air; Move, but without forcing myself to do so,

  • Take care about my appearance, whether it is my body, hair or clothing,

  • Enjoy time to relax

  • Or allow me to work on something that I feel has the power to improve people’s lives

  • and support people to find their own ways to take care of themselves and live a happy and healthy as well as confident and powerful life

The choices that I make in my life, like the ones that you make in yours, are important.

By being healthier ourselves and being able to support ourselves; by us thriving; everyone around us can start to thrive.

We are all role models to the people around us.

And in this way, taking care of ourselves is the best way to lay a foundation to take care of others.

Working in the Wellness and Food Related industry has set my tone for aesthetics, has allowed me to develop my creative, organizational and inter-relational qualities and has allowed me to stand where I stand now.