5 Free Apps to Improve your Health

When it comes to Health Coaching and Fitness, Technology and AI has already taken over the scene!

Especially for those of us who don’t have much time and / or don’t want to think of our health and how to keep it in tact all the time, these new Apps and technologies really make life a hell of a lot easier (like Harvey Specter would say 😉 ).

In this Blog Post I am going to share with you my favorite combination of apps and tools that have  improved my health and fitness levels tremendously over the last 3 months – and that without needing to think much about it.

The best bit, most of these apps are free, not all but most. And of course there are always in app purchases available, however I have been totally happy just working with the free options.

I feel they are great and simple additions to everyone’s lives and ideally for either beginners or people who are just starting out freshly with getting into a healthy diet or fitness habit. 

.They make taking care of yourself so easy, that your mind almost can’t say no or go into procrastination mode 😆 That’s how effective I found this combination of apps

Ok, with no further ado – here they come:

1. Apple Health App or another Pacemaker

If you have an iPhone, the already installed Apple Health App is really helpful. It automatically tracks your steps whenever you carry your phone with you. And it can also integrate with all other kinds of apps and can be a helpful collection point for your health data.  

For my purposes, I only rely on it for counting my steps. My daily goal is to have 10.000 Steps. That’s it. Now you just need to check your steps some point in the afternoon or evening. Then you can get slowly into the habit of adjusting your walking patterns accordingly, and plan for a nice walk in the evening if you haven’t met your target yet. 

Walking really is the easiest way for staying healthy. It is something that most people can do to at least some degree. Even if other exercise is difficult or otherwise not possible. 

If other exercise seems to be a drag, try walking. 

An extra tip that makes walking even easier: Do your errands walking. Walk to the supermarket if you don’t have too much to carry. Walk to your meetings. Walk a couple of bus stops instead of waiting for the next bus. Even walking in the Supermarket – all these aisles up and down, is actually really great for step counts.

I have found 10.000 Steps to be a realistic goal for each day, also when I am working full days. If you are older or ill, you may need to reduce the steps to 7.000 in the beginning.

However, age is not a crucial factor, my mother regularly out-steps me with twice as many steps as I do! Good for her! 

2. 7 Minutes Workout

A Daily 7 Minutes workout has been proofed to really support health. And I can only agree. I have seen tremendous improvement in muscles and fitness levels since I started working with the app.

There are several 7 Minute Workout Apps out there. I love the 7M Women.

Again, if you have an iPhone (and this is not to advertise for apple), then this app has a great additional feature: They give you a free new Daily Workout. 

This is just so perfect for me. I get bored of repetitive workouts very quickly. Having a new Workout every day keeps me interested and excited.

Also 7 Minutes – Yes that is an extremely short period of time. My Mind can’t even go into procrastination mode or into feeling like I don’t want to do it. It’s just not possible. It’s just too easy. In addition, no matter how busy my day – I always (!!!) Can make time for 7 Minutes.

It is perfect!

Now that I have been doing this for almost 3 Months, I sometimes do two sessions of the 7 Minutes Workout – which also absolutely great!

But to start with, especially when not having done any exercise for a long period of time, 7 minutes are just so ideal. 

My first goal was to do the 7 Minutes (and not more) for 6 weeks every day. With the exception of when I have my period. Then I pause for a couple of days. 

6 weeks are what they say is needed to build a habit. Only then I started slowly adding double sessions. And it works.

Keeping it really simple and easy is the most important element for me! I don’t want to have to push myself more than needed. 

Why? Because I have done that for many many years. I used to go to the gym 5 or 6 times a week. Workout for hours. Then I had periods when I would do Yoga on a Daily Basis. I would go swimming every day for an hour or running or 3x 45 Min HIIT a week.

But with each of these more extreme approaches to fitness, I always ended up at the same result: It is not sustainable for me. I either injured myself. Or got tired and slightly exhausted. Or stopped enjoying the workout.

Doing things that are fun and so easy while allowing myself all the flexibility in the world to change my strategy, is what keeps me on the ball and makes it fun!

3. Calorie Mama

Ok. So with this one, I have to be honest – I haven’t really been using it so much, simply because I usually don’t even remember to eat regularly at all (confession: Most of the time my mom or boyfriend or someone else has to ask me whether I am hungry and then when they eat I will also eat, otherwise I totally forget ;)) so then to remember to take a picture,… well I also forget.

However I have tried this app for a week or so and it is really great if you are a fan of really wanting to know what is in your food. It uses image recognition and AI to suggest what food you are eating. You can then make manual adjustments, then you know exactly where you are standing not just with calories but also with fat, protein, carbs, etc. for the day. Great for KETO Diet.

So to summarize, I find this is a super helpful app for anyone who has a focused goal on loosing wight, watching their diet, etc.

It also ties in with your Health App – which means it will adjust your daily calorie count based on your activity levels of the day. Isn’t that great? 

Oh yes, and they give Meal Plan and Recipe suggestions as well. Wow. What more do you need to be healthy?


4. Renpho

So this is the only app that you really need to pay for. However you don’t pay for the app, but you purchase the scales that are associated to the app.

This body fat scale gives you all the information you need and allows you to see exactly the results of your work. It doesn’t only tell you weight, BMI, and body fat, but it also splits into different types of fat, bone mass, different types of muscle mass, protein in your body as well as your resting calorie use and Metabolic Age.

You see, this is really so great, because this last tool really allows you to see exactly how your efforts pay off. I loved seeing my body fat percentage reduce and muscle mass slowly increase.

See water levels change as the time of the month changes.


When it comes to Health Coaching, I find that tools like the above are absolutely crucial for determining a successful outcome. 

They help us to motivate us, keep us accountable, and give us the information we need and allow us to objectively determine our trends – like any good Health Coach would. 

Have these apps taken over Health Coaching? Possibly!! It really depends on your type of personality. For me, this is really amazing when it comes to maintaining a sustainable routine. 

When it comes to pushing oneself – even that these apps could do potentially.

After I completed 55 Workouts on the 7M Women Workout App, the app suddenly only allowed me to do 14 Minutes for about 5 days. Was it a glitch? Was it intended? I don’t know! However it showed my I could do the 14 Minutes and it would also fit in my day. 

Imagine apps being able to adjust what they offer you based on your data – weight, activity levels, food intake, age, frequency and intensity of workout. That would be amazing! 

I look forward to seeing the new apps coming on the Market using more advanced technology and AI. It is exciting! 

And as the last little App related to Health I also want to quickly talk about this one:

5. Apple Bedtime (in Clock)

Here you can set your Sleeping and Waking Time. While you are asleep all your notifications will be silenced, no calls will come through. 

It also tracks if you move your phone when you are supposed to be sleeping and determines assumed sleeping time in this way. 

It sets a gentle alarm for you at the time that you decide. 

And it really is just helpful for determining a healthy and regular sleeping routine.