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Grazie, Iris. Thank you so much. It was perfect. Very very interesting. We enjoyed it. I want to tell you that your blog – it’s really nice. Actually all the things you do, I like the style, I like the content. I think it’s amazing. And we were saying that we can learn a lot from you. I was reading about your detoxifying process in the post that you put on instagram. So I know you are a big resource of things. And so we will train more!

Elisabetta, Italy


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I would love to express my gratitude for the wonderful support you have been offering regarding my healthy lifestyle. I found it so stabilizing to have your regular feedback helping me to integrate new perspectives. My weaknesses and strengths in food and mood and activities have been sincerely, patiently too,  accepted. I felt really inspired with your realistic ideas. Thus, I could intensify a very creative way (I think !) to manage my diet.  I also gained more confidence on how to open up to new and more experimental inputs in my life, expanding from time to time. A step to step-check on a daily basis is sometimes what I need to have a confident awareness of my present situation… Thank you for sharing your honest knowledge and interest in a free and relaxing lifestyle.

Anneliese, Austria