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Why Raw Cakes?

Raw Cakes are an ideal first step for those who want to add more nutrients to their diet without sacrifice. If you are looking to make changes in your diet, but have a Sweet Tooth, you don’t need to give anything up. Instead add raw cakes that are not just filling but also full of nutrients and you will naturally loose interest in the other stuff. 

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What You Will Learn


We intentionally combine use of ingredients with refined yet simple techniques to achieve specific textures.  


You will learn the foundational tools of creating your own recipes – From Balancing to Pairings. 


You don’t have to be a pro to decorate your cake beautifully. Instead, I teach you simple techniques for quick success. 


A beautiful plate sais more than 1000 words about your cake. Make lasting impressions with a few easy to follow plating techniques. 

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Cakes you will be making

Simple Recipes for your Home

These recipes are designed to be easy to make, even if you don’t have all the fancy equipment in the world. Most tools you will be able to easily find in your home kitchen.


How It Works


Chat With Me Live

Request your Free Course Demo and Chat with me to get to know the program. Once you are enrolled I continue to be available to you through Live Chat and Email.

Email Notifications

Once you are enrolled you will receive all Course Materials sent into your inbox – including Log In Access to the Learning Platform. 

Course Materials

Each Recipe is covered by a video, and there are more videos on theory and specific techniques. The Extensive Online Content is supplemented with a printable Manual.


Share your Work

You are not required to submit assignments in this class. However I invite you to send in your images, share your cakes with friends – for tasting and on Instagram!


learn how to make delicious raw vegan cakes

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Student Work

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who have shared their work with me publicly!